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Obstruction as Nuisance Festival

Taking up sidewalk space to protest the sit-lie ordinances for forty eight hours
In the newly updated Title 14-Obstruction as Nuisance Guidelines for enforcement P.C.C. 14A.50.030, it says, "It is unlawful for any person to obstruct any street or sidewalk, or any part thereof, or to place or cause to be placed, or permit to remain, thereon, anything that obstructs or interferes with the normal flow of pedestrian traffic, or that is in violation of parking lane, zone, or meter regulations for motor vehicles. Such an obstruction hereby is declared to be a public nuisance."

On September 26-28, A campout, an educational forum, a protest and a gathering will take place on the streets of downtown.
The Obstructions as Nuisance ordinance essentially criminalizes being homeless and it is high time to overturn these ridiculous laws and replace them with some understanding and benevolence. Rain or shine. Come for as long as you can and have your voice heard.
How with all the rules levied against those on the street could we possibly get away with this:
This provision:
Members shall not enforce P.C.C. 14A.50.030 against:
a. A person standing in a through pedestrian zone as part of a crowd that has formed to participate in or observe an expressive event unless the event has lasted more than eight hours.

Friday September 26-4:30 p.m
Kickoff in front of Portland Business Alliance headquarters,
520 SW Yamhill
Friday September 26-6:00 p.m-2 a.m. Saturday September 27
Couch Park-NW 18th and Glisan
Poetry Slam. Live Music. Testimonials.
Saturday September 27-2:00 a.m.-10 a.m.
Eastbank Esplanade
Saturday September 27-10 a.m-6 p.m.
Meeting with Alan Graf to discuss sit lie ordinance
Crossroads Gathering
Sisters of the Road CafÈ
133 NW 6th Ave
Saturday September 27-6 p.m. ñ2 a.m Sunday September 28
Waterfront Park Extravaganza
Sunday September 28-2 a.m - 10 a.m
North Park Blocks
Sunday September 28-10 a.m - 6 p.m.
South Park Blocks

rules------------------ The purpose is to widen the communityís grasp of whatís going on by being present on our sidewalks as a group. In order to strengthen our message: Everyone is welcome. Please no violence, drugs or alcohol.
Sounds Like A Plan 22.Sep.2003 14:18


Great idea, I'll be there.

hell yeah!!! 22.Sep.2003 15:24

solid gold

GREAT IDEA!!! perfect timing with the Peace Camp getting thrown out and the Zoobomb bikes being stolen, all under the same false law.

more details, please 23.Sep.2003 07:18


Can you elaborate a bit on this schedule? Especially the meeting with Alan Graf -- that doesn't go on until 2:00am does it? I can't do the whole thing but would like to come to hear his information. Thanks!

Please 23.Sep.2003 18:03


Please repost and make it more clear what is occuring where.

More details 24.Sep.2003 12:52

skinny boy floyd

The meeting with Alan Graf will take place at 2p.m on Saturday at Sister's of the Road Cafe at the Crossroads Gathering. Most agree that there is something unconstitutional about the policies and ordinances but Alan Graf has committed himself to waging a case against the city.
There will be all sorts of events and music. The calendar for all of these events is still getting hammered out.
Mostly we need people, people, people.

Come for the kickoff. 4:30 on Friday, Sept. 26-PBA HQ-520 SW yamhill