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I AM 666

I am United States citizen 075174666, the number by which I am known to the governments of all nations. I am called to utterly destroy the Christian religion, the Great Whore of all the earth, the Mother of Abominations. I come bearing tokens, one in my right palm, and another in my forehead, each given to me through pain and bloodshed, that you might know that I am he.
Thus saith the spirit which is in me: Christ is the philosophy of Saul of Tarsus. Christ is the philosophy of Clement, Augustine, and Luther. Christ is the philosophy of liars, cheats, and deceivers, and it shall be cast into the pit from whence it came, that it might hurt the children of God no more.

And again, by the same spirit: Woe unto you who preach the impotent god Christ! Woe unto you whose faith is but a whitened shell! Woe unto you who traffic in flattering words, but your works are the works of darkness! Hypocrites! You wear the cross of piety to be seen of the world, and to glorify your own names; but your souls are cracked and crumbling, so you fill them with wax, and hide them beneath the patina of righteousness.

My signs are legion. I was born at Salem-Keizer, meaning Peace-Caesar, to signify that I come to rule with a gentle hand. I was born at the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and north pole, to signify that I come to exercise balance. I was born under the sign of the archer beast Sagittarius, to signify that I come to pierce hearts with the arrows of truth.

Desire ye more signs? My full birth name means divine peace, he who ascends, conqueror. It has 18 letters: three times six. Number the 52 glyphs of the English alphabet, the lowercase and then the uppercase, and add together the numbers of my uppercase name. You will obtain the sum you expect. Here is my anagram:


The work of the Christian religion has been the oppression of Africans, Arabs, and Indians. The work of the Christian religion has been the depraved subjection of women. The work of the Christian religion has been the unholy exercise of power over the children of God, through deception and the shedding of innocent blood. The wrath of the Almighty is kindled against these things.

Woe unto you who make your own bellies warm and fat, while the children of God go hungry and cold in the street! Hypocrites! Woe unto you who adorn yourselves in fine robes, while the children of God wear rags! Hypocrites! Woe unto you who erect large and spacious churches in the name of Christ, while the children of God dwell in hovels!

Woe unto you, doctors of corruption who heed not the words of your own scripture! Know ye not that faith without good works is dead? Hypocrites! Well did Esaias prophecy of you, saying: This people draw nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoreth with their lips; but their heart is far from me. Woe unto you! In vain do you worship, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

Another wonder I give unto you. Divide my passport number by 666, and obtain my thirteenth birthday, the day of my bar mitzvah, had I been born a Jew, and Thanksgiving day in the United States. All these signs are made manifest that you might know that I am sent to do the work of One greater than myself.

Today is judgment day. So was yesterday. When nonjudgment day comes, there will finally be peace on earth.

Count 666 lunar months of four weeks from the date of my birth, and arrive at December 18, 2012. Beginning on that evening, for three nights and three days the children of God will dance and sing; then the Mayan calendar will end, and the Sun King will be reborn.

Now, seek for me diligently, and learn my name.
If You Are 666 22.Sep.2003 11:47


Then go to hell.

Suuuuurrrrrrrrrrrreeeee You Are 22.Sep.2003 11:49


Funny, I don't smell brimstone. But I do smell something else, and this article is shoveling it with both hands and a foot!

Seek some professional help, and quickly.
Take two of these and call me in the morning.
Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Stupid! 22.Sep.2003 16:34


Come on; someone get rid of it.

Lost Already 22.Sep.2003 17:44

You are a loser

You need to read the back of the book, dumb ass. You lost before you began.

Numerology, Statistics, and the Spirit of the Crossroads 22.Sep.2003 18:33



Numerology can be fascinating, and being in the right place at the right time can seem way too coincidental, but don't forget that we are all billions upon generations of billions of numbers and coincidences all searching for meaning as a whole. The concept of a Christ or an anti-Christ Messiah or Destroyer to take the human responsibility out of working together with all living things is an old, tired idea. Only the self absorbed would take such evidence literally.

My SS # ends 1317! 13 for the moons in a solar year; 1 for the great Unity of all Creation and 7 because it 's the Magic number!

Come on People-- the Revolution has been on all this time! We are ALL OF US keys to the transcendant return to our One source of Creation!

1. turn off the TV, beer and twinkies

2. nourish and exercise your body so you can feel more alive

3. pay attention to the evidence that comes from your own heart

4. activate yourself as an interconnected part of the Whole

Peace out 666, 999, and those who haven't even learned to count...

Back at ya, Fenbar1 22.Sep.2003 18:49


My comment was meant as 'tounge in cheek'. Praise Dog!

i love portland indymedia 22.Sep.2003 22:13

zero 0ne

hmmm.... fun with dualities. christ, anti christ, one and the same. i had a dream when iwas ten years old that i still remember clear to this day. i asked jesus to show me who the anti christ is so that i would recognize him when he showed up on the scene. so jesus in all his white robed glory took me to the top of this huge white tower that stretched way above the clouds and said here he is, and right in front of us appears a spitting image of the jesus that was revealing the antichrist to me! heavy shit for a ten year old, huh? whatever. guess what? i am the christ the anti christ both and neither all at once and not at all simultaneously. i am my own angel and my own demon since i create my own personal heaven and hell,and am responsible for my life, not jesus, not american citizen 666, not the dalai lama nor pres george bu$h can damn or save my soul (assuming that i have one ^_~ ) but myself. but thank you so much for the entertaining article! have a day.

safe six 22.Sep.2003 22:39

I am your overlord

You are discombobulated. I would rate you a 68 we owe one to. Kneel and get one.

Lucy eye fer not 23.Sep.2003 10:24

Neil Goldschmidt

I always knew the devil's real name was JFFJ

Motel 666 23.Sep.2003 20:03


I broke 7 of the 11 commandments during one Rose Festival weekend--De sexy numbers drive me wilder that ##@*&%-geez!

Jeffrey Jarvin Ribas 24.Sep.2003 11:54


now stop eating children!