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9.11 investigation

Who the hell is Booz, Allen, and Hamilton ?!?

A company with strong ties to the atrocity of September 11, 2001 is
also implicated in the intense digital harrasment experienced in the
past couple of years by anti-war activists.
Booz-Allen is engaged in the creation of a program called "Magic
Lantern." This program is designed to figure out people's
passwords so the military can have access to *ALL* email
accounts...for the purpose of fighting terrorism. Magic Lantern
insidiously will install a "virus" on your computer so that
when you next log in to your email using a password, Magic Lantern
sends a copy of the password to a Military computer, and they can
then access your email. This is all stuff I got to read in the
Washington Technology (a magazine devoted to celebrating the newest
technological contracts awarded on Capitol Hill). It was HIGHLY
recomended to me that those of us that use our email to engage in
social justice work be aware of these realities and change our
passwords VERY Frequently, making sure to include numbers in our


Agent Smiley: Now, many of you may remember the enormous disruption
that occurred last year in the online activist community with worms,
virii, digital identity theft, email bombs, etc. and how it all
targeted anti-war activists, pro-Palestinian activists, and those
trying to get to the bottom of 9-11. One can deduce that the authors
and/or puppetmasters behind this barrage were all of the same mind
and all perhaps had something to do with the advancement of the
military position of Israel, the advancement of the "War on
Terror" and the obscuring of any real investigation of the
events of September 11, 2001.

In light of such, I consider it no accident that Booz, Allen, &
Hamilton (cited above) are also heavily implicated by much of the
serious research on 9-11.

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Who the hell is Booz, Allen, and Hamilton ?!?



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