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March and Rally for Peace Pictures, Sept. 21

Here are a few pictures from the march
I was a little bored with the usual routine, so I fixed a few up.
thats it? 22.Sep.2003 16:45


C'mon, I saw like 50 people with cameras, I WANT MORE PICTURES!

Boredom? Too busy? 22.Sep.2003 17:46

Chris Leck chrisl@teleport.com

I too would like to see more photos. I know that I like to look at others' images. Everyone has a different point of view and sees different things during an event.

Maybe people are bored with protest/rally pictures. Sometimes I publish twenty, forty, or more images. It's a form of volunteer work--and it can be a *lot* of work. I don't get much feedback that this is a useful thing to do. Maybe other photographers also are wondering whether their efforts are useful.

Finally, do we falsely assume that rally attendees read or post on IndyMedia? Many people at these events read IndyMedia, but I wouldn't be surprised if the majority do not.

Patience, patience 22.Sep.2003 20:23


Personally, I am currently without a digital camera. I turned my slides in for development today, will have them tomorrow, probably won't get them scanned until the next day. But I think I got some good shots. I better have, it was a lot of work sprinting between the bridges to catch the march from above as it went underneath.

Thanks, Chris 22.Sep.2003 23:06


There are some of us who can't attend the rallies often who do look at the photos and know they are a lot of work and are time-consuming to post. Thanks for doing this!

Great Pictures 23.Sep.2003 01:14


Great job, Chris!!!

I am familiar with your work. You have been documenting important events that happened in our community. I often sent a link to my folks in Arizona so they can see the kind of shit that happens in our Rose City. I have shared some of your images from the Kendra James rally, the March 15th and 20th rallies, the anti-Bush rally, etc... I am one IndyMedia reader that is always looking for pictures. Most of the time when I am part of a rally I can not see all of the signs and organizations involved in the rally. It is hard to see everything that is going on. That is when these pictures come handy. Thanks for putting so much effort into it.

I noticed that this group of pictures is different. I am so glad that you took the picture of the jerk that was screaming at us around Waterfront Park. First, I was not sure if this was a real picture. I like the treatment that you did to the image, especially that you can still recognize his face. Was he the guy that got arrested?

Thanks, keep up the juices going.
Wanna see more...

Arrestee picture not here 23.Sep.2003 03:16

that thing there

The guy that was arrested isn't in these pictures--it was the guy waving the israeli flag. Evidently he whacked somebody in the face with the flagpole. There's a story about it at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/09/272191.shtml.