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Dean's Corruption in the Green Mountain State

Conflict of interest and corruption in Vermont.
Dean's Corruption in the Green Mountain State

by Josh Frank


The federal litigation pending against Dean's Judicial Appointees mentioned in the above article will be before the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals for final hearing on October 20, 2003, 40 Foley Square, Ny, Ny. Also in front of the courthouse will be a peaceful protest demanding the court hold Dean's legacy, his judicial appointees, accountable. Contact  s_huminski@hotmail.com for details.

Noteworthy in the above article is Dean's willingness to review his crony Sorrell's report on the Woodward shooting with a vast conflict of interest existing between Dean and Sorrell. Dean had no intention of undermining his crony's "investigation" and decision regarding the Woodward murder. This gross conflict of interest would be a crime in many states. Not in Dean's Vermont. After speaking with Justice for Woody people, the ethical and moral depravity of Dean and Sorrell becomes wholly evident and in this instance resulted in a tragic denial of justice and closure. -- scott huminski

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