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Very strange traffic stop after the rally

This was too too weird.
I drove away from the rally this afternoon with my sign in the back seat. I did a right turn on a red without stopping all the way and shit if a cop did not appear on my bumper with lights flashing a couple blocks away. Having the sign in my back seat was not the best thing for sure, as a cop walks up to you to give you a ticket. He took my license, looked it over and looked my back seat at the sign. Now the really trippy part. He handed back my licence and said please be more careful when you turn on a red light and TELL YOUR FRIENDS WE ARE NOT ALL BAD GUYS. That was it. Shit! No ticket, no warning, nothing, he just let me go. So that is it. I suppose I am sucker to believe him, but he really was just a nice guy. It was pretty nice to not get a ticket.
Just 21.Sep.2003 21:35


Did you get his name and badge number?

there are nice people everywhere 21.Sep.2003 22:16


lets support our friends where ever they work

Nice story 21.Sep.2003 23:49


Nice story. Thanks!

If we don't like the bad guys in the PPD, we love the good guys. We need the good guys.

to Wondering 22.Sep.2003 06:25


NO WAY would I tell anyone his badge number, name or discription. How would I know you are not his boss? For sure his boss would find out he would get n trouble. I don't know what is a good way other than write here to tell this story and hope other nice people who happen to be cops read it and know they are appriciated for being nice people.

This is an interesting development 22.Sep.2003 09:09


Hmmmm. Could it be the new chief? Whatever. Honestly, not all the cops are asses, they've just been acting like it for so long in this town we forgot that. The other thing is, this still doesn't absolve them for the role they play in society, which is wrong. I mean, I do appreciate the fact that many of them want to be good people, and help people and all that. But usually what happens is they put the screws to anyone who goes against the system, and the system is wrong.

(and to hpi, my my. somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today.)

Derrick Foxworth's attempt at salvaging PPB's public image? 22.Sep.2003 09:19

a sweet little girl.

Well, let me guess... I think Derrick Foxworth's Portland Police Bureau is working hard at "rebuilding community partnership" and "regaining public confidence." As I have guessed it for a while, his approach to yesterday's event was different from Kroeker's favorite "shock-and-awe" mass intimidation operations.

This is just Foxworth's way of salvaging PPB from negative public images created by Kroeker during his tenure.

Sounds to me 22.Sep.2003 11:39


That the officer was being genuinely friendly, saw a simple violation and decided to put out a bit of positive PR. After all, to a police officer, they're supposed to be on their best behaivor all the time while in uniform (sadly, not all of them are however).

I've seen it before a lot of times with some officers. Some of them are nice guys, no matter what the departments rep. Count yourself fortunate that you got a good one.

Another Portland driver 22.Sep.2003 14:55

The last skilled driver in Portland metro area.

Maybe you wouldn't get pulled over if you stopped completely at stop-signs. If you're anti-capitalist that's great, so am I. DON'T DRIVE LIKE A MORON.

Wondering why you didn't ride a bike ... 22.Sep.2003 15:56


... to the rally. Consumption of fossil fuels empowers the Regime and other bad people. You know this, right?

Sorry! 22.Sep.2003 17:36


Sorry Captain!
Sorry Skilled!

I guess I am just not as perfect as you two. Maybe I need to wait until I am before DRIVING to the next rally! and maybe sliding through a light where there is no one coming from either direction! God I wish I was so incredibly awesome as you! I kneel and kiss your feet.

RE: Sorry! 22.Sep.2003 21:08

The last skilled driver in Portland metro area.

I'm just saying, every stop sign ran, every failed signal; you are endangering both my life and the life of those whom I love. I don't expect people to be perfect, but there's a bad case of poor driving that's been wracking portland for the last couple years. Turn signals, no effort to activate; so why don't people use them? Coming to a complete stop.. It's not that hard, and rolling through stops is only going to deduct a few seconds from your trip.

Streets of Danger 23.Sep.2003 03:20

Agree with Skilled

I have to back up Skilled on this, not against Tripping, but on drivers in Portland in general. I walk a lot and because every intersection could mean life or death, I have to pay attention to the way people drive. So many of them seem to think that we pedestrians are dirt. Some of them don't seem to know the rules. And some of them obviously know the rules, but don't care about them. You can tell when they drive in front of you while you're walking, doing their rolling non-stop, and smirk at you as they glance your way finally and know they've cut you off. "Too bad, sucker" is the attitude I get from them.

It's not nice to generalize. There are some people who follow the rules and drive with skill. But they are so few, that when I come upon them I am so greatful it is pathetic. I smile and wave and say thank you.

This is not meant to be a nasty post. I just wonder, do these drivers EVER get out and walk on the sidewalk? Do they ever feel that someone else's actions, or negligence could kill them? Many just seem to think, "I'm bigger than you so bite this."

What a great society.

P.S. No offence to Tripping. I really liked your post.

What you don't know 23.Sep.2003 06:40


Skilled, You are right about terrible drivers running lights and signs. What you dont know is that I did not blow threw a red light. The light was red and I could clearly see left and rihght that there were no people and no cars coming. I slowed up close to a stop but not totaly stoped because I was still rolling then turned a right turn. No body had anything in danger period. You are right about stopping. It almost got me a ticket. And you should know that I never ever blow threw red lights like you think I do. I can't believe why you have to put your spoiler comments into my story.

blah blah blah 23.Sep.2003 13:49


So, again why do you drive to these things? Maybe you live in the 'Couve? Your smart-ass answer sort of implies there wasn't any really good excuse behind the consumption of petrol.

I'm not perfect, jeez I have a computer the manufacture of which produces loads of poisonous chemicals. At least I do what I can, which normally is NOT giving money to the oil bastards and polluting the atmosphere. I was hoping to be productive by finding out what your reason for driving was, because most difficulties in transportation can be overcome. Too far to bike? TriMet has an excellent public transportation system with frequent busses that run past midnight. Too much to carry? Bike trailers can carry a lot of stuff. Weather an issue? You just have to use the right clothing, the same as if you were hiking in inclement weather.