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Folks Arrested at March Today?

ch 2 and ch 8 said that folks were arrested at the end of the demo today. anyone know more about it?
ch 2 and ch 8 said that folks were arrested at the end of the demo today. anyone know more about it?
One 21.Sep.2003 19:22

Den Mark

I saw one guy arrested. He was a "counter", the guy waving the israeli flag all over the place. I don't know the charge. Better than arrest would've been to have a big Palestinian flag to wave right next to him. That would've been a statement of some kind. Before the march, some jerks burned a Palestinian flag by the stage. It's a signal of their intellectual poverty that makes counters unable to organize their own events. The police, i'm told, were quick to surround the provocateurs & escort them out, to stay out. The rally & march were excellent. My only disappointment was that there were not many along the route to communicate to. It was a fairly invisible march, but it had to happen. It was good. Thanks to all who made it happen.

arrestee 21.Sep.2003 19:41

peace party

The guy waving the Israeli flag socked someone in the face and was arrested. I did not observe this, but I did see the huge contusion on the face of the guy who was socked.

I was a witness 21.Sep.2003 20:52


I was on of the parade marshals at the front of the march. The man arrested had been causing problems throughout the event. He was the guy waving the Israili flag, wearing the yarmulka. Just prior to the actual assault he had been endangering other marchers. Since I was a parade marshal, I tried go intercede between the two sides. He kept waving his flag around, and whacked me in the knee at one point. He apologized at that time.

A few minutes later he was marching at the front of the parade, ahead of everyone else. One of the ,marchers approached him within a few feet. Mr Yarmulka was facing him, and kept waving the flag over this head. He then swung the flag deliberately, and struck the marcher on the side of the head, knocking his glasses off. A few minutes later the police arrested the Isreali patriot. I gave the injured party my phone number, and he had several photos taken of the large bump that developed.

I guess the Isreali patriot will be practicing his religion behind bars for awhile.

Anti-Semitism 21.Sep.2003 21:48


Wow, you really hate Jews don't you.

american rag heads 21.Sep.2003 21:52


american rag heads

american rag heads-part of the group that were wanking up the peace rally were latter observed at a Cinema. They appeared not to agree with the showing. I think it was on 9th street. It was after the march ended.

As our numbers dwindle, there appears to be a campaign of intimidation a foot.

I am glad to say that the cops may have served and protected at times today.

Re: Israeli flag waver 22.Sep.2003 00:29


I think the individual with the Israeli flag is the same guy who has been picketing the gym across the street from the downtown Portland United Way building (on SW 11th). Just him, his walkman, and his sign. I'm not sure about the name of the gym, but the guy is there day in and day out for months and months. According to the sign, his complaint is something about the gym's employees being sympathetic toward the terrorists.

Hmm 22.Sep.2003 02:28


I guess criticizing some right wing-nut job who beats people up at marches and claims to be "isreali" but lives in the US is being "anti-semetic", try again. For the record Palestinians are also semetic people, so the guys who burnt the Palestinian flag were probably the most anti-semetic people at the march today.

Are you deranged? 22.Sep.2003 07:52


> Wow, you really hate Jews don't you.

Are you completely deranged? You deliver a one-liner like this and walk away from it? HOW in your estimation is this guy an anti-semite? In poker we'd refer to this as a call: show your hand or fold and get the fuck out, reactionary.

agreeing with adili 22.Sep.2003 09:16


No shit. The "anti-semite" label is really getting tiresome. It's always been a real slam to call someone that, but it's been used to death. Cry wolf all the time, and after awhile, the townspeople stop coming out to help you.

If we want to hide from the fact that the state of Israel is acting like the worst of the Nazi era, then we're ignoring reality. Some day, children will be reminding each other to "never forget" the abuses perpetrated by Ariel Sharon and the Israeli state. We will be calling people "Israelis" when we mean oppressors. If that's not what you want, then do something about Israeli oppression.

He won't spend a day or a dime... 22.Sep.2003 19:06


"I guess the Isreali patriot will be practicing his religion behind bars for awhile. "

Unfortunately, the "justice" system is rigged his favor. You get the justice you pay for; odds are he's filthy rich and can use his people's influence and intimidation and not pay a dime or spend a day in jail. If justice worked properly, he would be convicted of multiple counts of assault, battery, disturbing the peace, ALL as hate crimes which should carry heavier sentencing. I've seen this sort of behavior before: Zionist slime invading peaceful "pro-Palestine" rallies and attacking the defenseless protestors. Calling me a terrorist for holding a Palestinian flag or a picture of Arafat. I've seen these Zionist Jews assault children and old women without being punished. Not only should the individual criminals be given the punishment they deserve, so should the terrorist groups that organize the attacks: the JDL, ADL, and similar groups. The Jew who called someone "anti-Semite" is probably going to call me the second coming of Hitler for exposing the truth. BTW, the attacker at the rally was no Semite; he's an Ashkenazi Jew with no ties whatsoever to the true Semites.

Hysterics From Non-Truth-Seeker 22.Sep.2003 21:26

Den Mark

Nobody would be "gleeful" about cops being hit in the head with baseball bats on March 20, because a) that did NOT happen, & b) if it had happened, nobody could be "gleeful". The quote you culled from me about police surrounding the flag-burners yesterday was only an objective reporting of fact, without evaluation of any kind. How do you think you know whether i approved or not of what the cops did. I called the jerks "jerks" not for burning a flag, which is their right, but because they were trying to provoke us but failed totally. People who burned a U.S. (not "American") flag elsewhere did so not to provoke the crowd but to make their own statement within a larger protest. When you try to put words into people's mouths, call people names, & make stuff up, you come out looking stupid. Why not just state your viewpoint without lies. "Truth-seeker", you call yourself? No, not even close. Nobody deserved to be called "hypocrite". You made no case at all. You failed.

Anti-Jew 23.Sep.2003 02:44

Just observing

I think the following phrase is what put Firetruck's post over the top for some people.

"I guess the Isreali patriot will be practicing his religion behind bars for awhile. "

I also get tired of the accusation of anti-Semitism being used to squelch any criticism of Israel or it's actions, but I think any Jewish person would be offended by that sentence. He should be sitting in jail because he attacked someone. Why bring his religion into it?

I'm not accusing anyone of being anti-Jew, but sometimes we say things that are questionable, despite our ideals.

This thread does have some scary bits to it.

Anti-Semitism 23.Sep.2003 18:36


My attempts at humor were aimed at one violent extremist. This man had been making remarks, and threatening geastures before the march started. He took an opportunity to strike a protester for no good reason. I made fun of the fact that this fool draped himself in the symbols of Judeism. OK that was overboard. The man was mentally ill and I should not make fun of that.

Except that he was violent.

Now I want to ask those who have criticized me: Do you think my unkind words are worse than what this violent person did?
Is it OK that he is violent because he is one of the "chosen people" (an excuse for arrogance and violence if I've ever heard one).
Will Seaman of PPRC is a close friend of mine. He is Jewish.

I'm not anti-Semitic, I'm anti-stupid.

Criticism 23.Sep.2003 22:08


Firetruck: Of course, being Jewish doesn't excuse a person's violence. Nobody is saying that it does. I'm not sure why you would even suggest that. But I think these questions of yours are born out of a genuine desire to know why what you wrote caused people, including me, to take offense. So, I will tell you exactly what bothered me.

You kept calling attention to his yarmulke, and even called the guy "Mr. Yarmulka," [sic] drawing attention to this outward symbol of his religion as if wearing the yarmulke was a sign of a deluded or violent person. I cringed at this. But what I found really over the top was the gratuitous comment "I guess the Isreali patriot will be practicing his religion behind bars for awhile. " Again, you are calling attention to his religion as if that is what made him act the way he did.

Arguably 24.Sep.2003 17:42


it could be interprited that way.
What I am offended by is any fanatics use of their chosen symbol as an excuse for violence.
Nazis are not excused for such behavior.
Do you see the point?