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Here are directions to the action camp. If you have room in your car or need a ride, please call CFA at 503/241-4879.

From Portland

  • Go South on I-205
  • Take the 224 East exit towards Estacada
  • At the junction of 212/224 go right to stay on 224
  • Go and Go for about 20 miles or so
  • After a long while you will pass the Ripple Brook Ranger Station
  • Then you will cross a small bridge and be at the Junction of 57/46
  • Go left at that junction (onto 57 toward Timothy Lake)
  • At Timothy Lake turn right onto 5740 and cross the dam0
  • Take the second right onto a gravel road. (5730)
  • After about 2 miles take a left on to 200, drive up and you'll see it.

For more info or to arrange for a carpool, call CFA @ 503-241-4879. If you leave a message, let us know how many passengers you can take, when you're leaving and returning to Portland (or elsewhere), or when you need a ride.

Uh... When is the action camp? 21.Sep.2003 20:00

Uh... When is the action camp?

Uh... When is the action camp?

dates and more info 21.Sep.2003 22:39

friend of CFA

Sept. 25-29, or as long as it takes!

The Solo timber sale is 167 acres of untouched native forest. It will be threatened by the blade on October 1. Come join the Cascadia Forest Alliance for a weekend, a week, a month, or until we kick the subsidized timber barons out, re-employ loggers in forest restoration, and end all oppression, with clean air and water for all!

Learn Nonviolence, Wilderness First Aid, Treeclimbing, Backwoods Sklills, Species ID, Forest Ecology, Race, Class & Gender AntiOppression, and much much more.

Directions Right? 22.Sep.2003 15:21


I spend alot of time in that area. Is this a correct statement "At the junction of 212/224 go right to stay on 224" I think that takes you toward Molalla, and not toward the Ripple Brook Ranger Stateion and the road to Timothy Lake. I may be mistaken, but thought I'd point this out to make sure no-one gets confused.

Really BAD directions 23.Sep.2003 12:34


When you put up a post about an action camp its good to start with WHEN! You know the W's and
all. Christ. Also, try posting ACCURATE directions.

After keeping to the right and staying on 224 you will need to go a HELL of a lot further than
20 miles if you want to get to the Ripplebrook ranger station. You should probobly mention
that they are going to hit Estacada first. Thats what caused the confusion for the last
poster, 224 and 211 split off 20 miles before ripplebrook. Lets start over with better directions.

Head East on 224/212 from Portland. You can get there by going south from Portland on 205 and taking the Estacada exit
224 and 212 branch off eventually 224 curves to the right and 212 goes straight. There is a nursery on your right called
Alice's County Market. You are going to want to stay to your right and continue on 224 on to Estacada.
Its approx. 23 miles from hear to Estacada.

Once you get to Estacada continue through town on 224.
Eventually you get to another split (the one the last person was confused about) where 224 continues straight
ahead or you can take 211to the right to Molalla, stay on 224 and head twords the Ripplebrook ranger station. Its about 20 miles.

(Thats a total of at LEAST 45 miles from where 224 and 212 break off not 20!)

Once you hit the Ranger Station you are going to continue on for another mile or so on 224 after
going around a sharp bend in the road to the right you will see another split in the road. This is where 224 ends. If you continue
on the road that curves to the right it turns into 46, you want to turn left onto 57.

The rest of the directions are accurate. But bring a map, there are a shitload of roads at Timothy lake.