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Sign Military Families' Petition: Bring Reserve Troops Home

On September 9th, 2003, our loved ones, currently serving in the Iraqi theater, were delivered orders extending their overseas stay. They have been told that there is a chance they could be home in May 2004 with the possibility of an extension to January 2005. May 2004 is a minimum 16 month deployment for this Reserve Unit.
Leaders have notified our soldiers that their minimum continuous 12 month activation begins when they arrive in country (Iraq & Kuwait) and does not include the time they served after they left their homes to report for active duty nor does it include the time they will be required to serve when they arrive home.

We, family members and friends in support of bringing home the 129th, find this change of rules and the failure to give our soldiers the assurance that they will return home at the end of their 12 month in-country tour of duty unacceptable. The negative impact on our soldiers' morale as well as the impact on their families has already been felt.

There are single parents, business owners, employees and new fathers in our unit. The reserve system is not designed to supplement the military for such an extended period of time.

Our loved ones are proud, passionate and loyal soldiers. We think to ask them to be away from their families for a minimum of 16 continuous months with no guarantee that it will not last for the full two years is asking too much of our soldiers, their families and their employers.

They have excelled in their job and deserve to come home, like other Reserve, National Guard and regular Army units in Iraq/Kuwait.

Once-proud Army Reserve families are being disillusioned by the decision to keep Reservists beyond their original orders. We ask for your help in getting our loved ones home by the end of their 12 month tour of active duty. It is our belief that no National Guard or Reserve unit should have to serve more than 12 continuous months at one time.

Please show your support in getting our loved ones home by signing this petition.

Thank you for your help.

homepage: homepage: http://www.129bringthemhome.com/petition.htm