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More disturbing news. Spread this far and wide.
By: Roy S. Carson

Venezuelan Military Intelligence says overwhelming evidence the CIA planned to bring down Chavez Frias' airplane en route to United Nations in New York

Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez Frias

Details behind the sudden decision to cancel President Hugo Chavez Frias' next-week trip to Washington D.C. and New York (to deliver a speech to the United Nations) are being revealed by security services who say they have "overwhelming evidence" of a CIA-backed plan to "bring down" the Chavez Frias' airplane during the scheduled flight to the United States from Caracas. Sources in Venezuela's Military Intelligence Directorate (DIM) have told VHeadline.com that "presented with overwhelming evidence of Washington's planned attack on the Presidential flight, it was decided that the President's personal security was preeminent and that he should not go!"

State Security & Political (DISIP) police agents were involved in a gun battle in Plaza Altamira Friday night as they moved to detain a suspect now named as Jorge Rojas Riera, for the Friday morning bombing at the Casa Militar barracks, across Avenida Urdaneta from the Miraflores Presidential Palace. It is reported that President Hugo Chavez Frias was working at his desk when the 1:00 a.m. blast went off but that his life had never been put in danger as many gleeful wire-service reporters had immediately cabled to their North American publishers.

Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez Frias

Reports say that some 60 DISIP and National Guard (GN) officers were able to take the suspect into custody but only after a skirmish with opposition-controlled Chacao municipal police officers and gunmen identified as former army officers who had been dismissed the service after they participated in the April 11, 2002, coup d'etat. Police say Rojas Riera was detained after officers were forced to use an electronic stun gun to capture and 'cuff him. Little is known of the detainee other than that he has been identified having been employed at Plaza Altamira as a "security agent" by opposition organizers ... meanwhile he has told interrogators that he acted independently in the Friday morning's grenade attack.

Rebel army officer Felix Moreno was reportedly wounded in an exchange of gunfire. Chacao Mayor Leopoldo Lopez says part of the blame has to be laid on DISIP agents who did not identify themselves ... he says they arrived to Plaza Altamira just before midnight and were heavily armed but were not in uniform. "there was a lot of running-around and another gun-battle close to Torre Britanica (south of Avenida Francisco Miranda) in which a DISIP wagon was overturned.

Strong rumors are circulating today that the man arrested had earlier sought political asylum at the Dominican Republic embassy in Caracas but had been asked to return later.


Another good article on this issue:


homepage: homepage: http://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=11121

You have to play twice as tough!! 24.Sep.2003 16:43


The entire lot of hell born satanists from Bush on down are cowards of the worst sort. This gives Chavez and the Venezuelan military a very clear advantage. They need to take out all the CIA agents and their local counterparts and begin to control all gringos in the country. Send out the corporate types even if they are not CIA. The mayor and the rest of the traitors getting paid by the CIA need to be arrested. Do not fear to take this little baby texas bull by the horns because you have more support in the US than you think. Start working on Latin American support. If you can avoid his being killed or overthrown, it will be another slap in the antichrist bush's face and he is already swaying from the french and german slaps. The rest will unfortunately have to be up to the cowardly gringos so that they can regain some cojones and throw out this grotesque administrtion and throw them all under the jail. Please protect Chavez. He carries the hopes and prayers of billions.

Very interesting, would like to see corroboration 24.Sep.2003 17:25


This is very intersting. I would love to see some corroboration from another source. (Of course, this might be hard to get, and yet it might still be quite true!)

trade right for left 25.Sep.2003 08:36


Hey Fgh- true, US Latin American policy is rotten to the core,and yes, Chavez is certainly preferable to some of the fascist monsters that the US has supported in the past, but when you start talking about clearing out "all the gringos" you basically give all critics of the right a bad name. Go ahead and pin silk screened anarchy logos over the Independent label on that skater sweatshirt your mom bought you, and drink the cheap beer you stole from the corner store run by that hard working immigrant as you sit in your two story rental in Eugene that you pay for by selling 1 gram twenty bags to thirteen year olds. Go ahead--you're very edgy and cool, and if you keep it up, I'm sure that the state will disintegrate and you can take all the credit. But while you do so, please don't make everybody on the left look like crazy Maoists with your self-righteous diatribes, Ok? Some of us actually believe in equality and rationality, and not just sticking it to whatever wasp happens to be on the cover of Newsweek (boring as that might seem).

. 25.Sep.2003 17:59


vheadlines claims that they have corroboration from both the President and Excutive Vice President of Venezuela.

satanist discrimination 26.Sep.2003 00:42

Mike M.

You know, fgh, the first commentor on here. I do understand what you meant in your bost equating Bush as a satanist. I understand that to christians, satan=mean lousy evil. I however do take considerable offense being a satanist who not uncommonly leans toward the far left, not the conservativbe right.

This is a common misconception.

Unfortunately we Satanists are still being used as everyone elses scapegoats, are still discriminated against religously and otherwise looked down on without even being looked into. Satanism is unfortunately a big spooky name to many. Many afro american men that were lynched, many scientists that were burned at inquisitions, many victimized people understand the vast detriment of hurtful discrimination but even their descendants repeat these abuses on Satanists.

It is extreemly frustrating.
As a world citizen, however I have a right not to be judged by my religion. Obviously, people like you, either don't know the first thing about it or us OR yopu are just abusing our names to make a simpel equative point.

Please be more careful.
It would be like If I said, George Bush and other Zionists like him. Not appropriate!