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why no calendar posting?

no post?
Why no calendar post for tomorrow's rally at Terry Shrunk? We're not going to have a very good turn out if no one knows...(article gets lost in the shuffle)...come on!
ask PPRC 20.Sep.2003 14:00


some PPRC leadership doesn't like to use indymedia to promote their events because indymedia is too "radical" and they don't want radicals showing up at their events and spoiling them.


68 organizations are working on this peace rally 21.Sep.2003 07:42

do the math

More than 68 organizations are working to organize this peace rally. Apparently, NONE OF THEM, thought it worthwhile to post to this site. From Labor to Peace to Social Justice to the Environment, to Faith (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and others): A veritable who's who in organizing, and not one thought to post here. Hmmm.

something from a list 21.Sep.2003 08:22


Sunday September 21st, March and Rally for Peace in the Middle East: Bring the Troops Home! Terry Schrunk Plaza (S.W. 3rd & Madison, downtown Portland), 2 PM
Aid Iraq and Afghanistan - End U.S. Military and Corporate Occupations
No More Preemptive Wars
Protect Civil Liberties at Home and Abroad
End U.S. Support for Israel's Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza

The March will likely head north to the Japanese-American Historical Plaza and come back past the World Trade Center. Speakers and music will be featured in the park and along the route.

Contacts: Dan Handelman Peace & Justice Works (503) 236-3065 William Seaman
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (503) 888-7455  wseaman@comcast.net

Instead of posting this question, you could put it in the calendar yourself 22.Sep.2003 12:23

Pink Emma

Instead of posting here asking why no one ELSE put this event in the calendar, you could have simply entered it into the indymedia calendar yourself.

That's open publishing.