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Drunk GIs Kill Caged Bengal Tiger In Baghdad Zoo

Even caged tigers aren't safe from the warm guns of US troops. Trigger happy US troops root out Baathist tiger and add it to the long list of the dead and liberated in Iraq.
U.S. Soldier Kills Baghdad Tiger After Attack - Zoo

Sat Sep 20, 7:37 AM ET

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S. soldier shot dead a rare Bengal tiger at Baghdad zoo after the animal injured a colleague who was trying to feed it through the cage bars, the zoo's manager said on Saturday.

Adil Salman Mousa told Reuters a group of U.S. soldiers were having a party in the zoo on Thursday night, after it had closed.

"Someone was trying to feed the tigers," he said. "The tiger bit his finger off and clawed his arm. So his colleague took a gun and shot the tiger."

The night watchman said the soldiers had arrived in military vehicles but were casually dressed and were drinking beer.

There was no immediate U.S. comment.

At the tiger's now-empty cage, pools of blood showed that the soldier passed through a first cage intended only for keepers and was standing right up against the inner cage's narrow bars.

Mousa said U.S. officials came to see him on Friday to discuss the incident.

The tiger was one of two in the zoo -- once the largest in the Middle East, today a decrepit collection of dirty cages and sad-looking animals.

In April, U.S. soldiers killed four lions that had escaped from the zoo. Hundreds of other animals were stolen or let loose by looters in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion of the Iraqi capital.

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I'm utterly embarrassed... 20.Sep.2003 13:52


...to be an American citizen, for about the 10,000th time this year. If both soldiers are not dishonorably discharged and jailed, there is no justice in this world.

Toe to toe? 20.Sep.2003 14:48


Using the "eye for an eye" formula, he should've just taken off the left dewclaw and called it good.
I can almost hope it was at least the buffoon's trigger finger ...

Jeez, what a buncha morons. Americans at their ugliest.

stupid fucks 20.Sep.2003 16:11


What tha fuck??

"Bring them home?" Nah...let them all get their asses rpg'd....idiots.

catch a tiger by the toe 20.Sep.2003 17:35


eannie meany miney mo

catch a tiger by the toe

if that tiger bites your friends hand

machine gun the hell out of that tiger


No YOU just take a gun to a tiger lunching

The US Military is Unmatched... 20.Sep.2003 18:03


...in stupidity!

Abuse 20.Sep.2003 19:08


Why were they allowed to have a private party in the zoo, with beer? Once the zoo is closed, it's closed.

Unless you have an occupying force that takes its own privelges at they think of them.

There must be a lot more stuff going on that we don't hear about. Don't think Iraqi women are not being abused. This always happens unless you have the most disciplined of troops, and obviously we don't.

This is pretty bad 20.Sep.2003 20:32

Fred Bauer

It's mean, it's stupid, but it isn't near as bad as when they killed those eight policemen last week. From what I can gather, they have already wore out their welcome.

Now Bush is going to the U.N. asking them to die on our behalf. This is the worst I've ever seen. This is surreal.

1,000 Iraqi civilians killed every week - a report from Robert Fisk 21.Sep.2003 09:31


In Baghdad, up to 70 corpses - of Iraqis killed by gunfire - are brought to the mortuaries each day. In Najaf, for example, the cemetery authorities record the arrival of the bodies of up to 20 victims of violence a day. Some of the dead were killed in family feuds, in looting, or revenge killings. Others have been gunned down by US troops at checkpoints or in the increasingly vicious "raids" carried out by American forces in the suburbs of Baghdad and the Sunni cities to the north. Only last week, reporters covering the killing of the Fallujah policemen were astonished to see badly wounded children suddenly arriving at the hospital, all shot - according to their families - by an American tank which had opened up at a palm grove outside the town. As usual, the occupation authorities had "no information" on the incident.

But if you count the Najaf dead as typical of just two or three other major cities, and if you add on the daily Baghdad death toll and multiply by seven, almost 1,000 Iraqi civilians are being killed every week - and that may well be a conservative figure. Somewhere in the cavernous marble halls of proconsul Paul Bremer's palace on the Tigris, someone must be calculating these awful statistics. But of course, the Americans are not telling us. It's like listening to Iraq's American-run radio station.


Despicable, Cowardly 21.Sep.2003 09:46


no more comment needed

Self defence? 21.Sep.2003 10:29

A. Zamal

I think not. Slef defence my ass. How dare they? Drunk for god's sake. Jail them.

Those Soldiers 22.Sep.2003 14:43


Were defnitely out of line. However, the most that will probably happen is they'll be given NJP and they'll call it closed.
In any case the Army should pay restitution to the zoo for the loss of the animal.

Patriot's Dream 23.Sep.2003 02:25


"If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we
embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together
clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war ...our children
will sing great songs about us years from now."
- Richard Perle.

Maybe if we elect different folks to office it will change.