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Republican Convention this Friday, same time as Critical Mass and PPRC....

impromptu protest with bike support!
(could we get this front paged?)
hmmmm.......another Republican Convention to support the Oregon Republican Party is happening this friday the 26th. this is at the same time as the PPRC march (maybe PPRC could start early to catch the Fascists scurrying into their palace?), and the Critical Mass ride (meet 5:30 North Park Blocks, ride at 6)......hmmmmm......anyone remember the last time such fortuitous schedualing happened? think infantry and cavalry. show up, bring your friends, bring noise makers, and viola, spontaneous demonstration. here's the details of the fundraiser:
Friday, September 26th

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

The Crown Ballroom

918 SW Yamhill, 5th Floor
It takes more than IMC 20.Sep.2003 09:30

fascist bashist

It takes more than putting a call out on IMC. Flyer it, get it on KBOO, organize a plan. Otherwise it will be small and shameful. It's a good idea, though.

what does "another Republcan Convention" mean? 22.Sep.2003 14:03


Do you know exactly what group is convening, what their purpose is, what is on their agenda, or who the individuals attending are likely to be (i.e., their names, positions, or roles within the Republican party)?

Oh, looking again, I see you refer to it as a "fundraiser" (that sounds different to me than a "Convention". Do you know who/what the money is supposed to go to or, again, who is likely or certain to be there? I might want to respond differently to Kevin Mannix collecting money for Gordon Smith than I would to Norma Paulus soliciting money for pro-choice candidates.

More Info 23.Sep.2003 18:39


ORP Republican Heritage Event with special guest Gov. Pataki (NY) 5:00 PM-7:00 PM (Crown Ballroom, Portland) $250/person
$1000/person for photo with Governor Pataki, Gov. Atiyeh, Sen. Hatfield and Sen. Packwood

Sounds like fun. Wanna go for a ride?