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this sunday, the 21st, will be a big street fair to celebrate International Car Free Day which is this Monday, the 22nd.
the main crux of the fair will be at SE 8th and SE Ankeny, across from CityBikes. the festivities start at 2pm until about 7pm. and then afterwards, conveniently enough, there is Zoobomb at around 9pm that night (meet at Rocco's pizza around 8-8:30, although you'll have to bring your own bike since the cops stole our bike library). at the fair, there will be live music all day long, various booths, and a bunch of workshops including Bike Safety at 2pm, 3:30-Doing EVERYTHING w/out a car, 4:30 Bike Camping workshop. and then, Monday, if you don't already, leave your car at home for International Car Free Day. Liberate Yourself From Automobile Dependence!
bike fair preferable to peace march 20.Sep.2003 15:52


this seems more worthwhile to go to, then the peace march, which will be orchestrated by the police. The marchers will gather, say the same things already said to the same people, march for a while with cop cars in front and to the rear and bike cops alongside and in the crowd. There will be few people downtown to witness this, who will find it only annoying instead of enlightening, and the press will give it minor attention. The leaders will feel as if they've accomplished something because they've been so busy planning it, but basically nothing will change; we'll be no closer to ending the war and other US invasions. But, the bike fair could have a real impact, teaching people to not use cars and so not use petroleum products. Many people may want to make the change from cars to bikes but not really know how.

How To Lose Dependence on Your Car 21.Sep.2003 17:27

I Know How

I am losing my dependance on my car. I am priced out of driving. I have been driving for over 20 years! My car is broke down.
I lost my licence due to a fender bender while uninsured. (Gasps were heard..the audience lost their respect...they went to instant judgement...and thought about how THEY do it correctly).
As I was saying...It is a scam to have to pay high insurance rates because one has problems keeping up with her bills. (Please read...while raising a child on her feeble income) Many (many) a time where i was about to mail away my hard earned cash, when I just could not do it. I NEEDED that money. (sorry america).
So, do i reate now..i ride a bike. I have always wanted to be less dependant on my car. (Disclaimer: I have never claimed responsibility for creating this car grid system which we operate in).
Now...How will i do laundry, shop, earn money as a gardener? Travel? (hahaha) My life to figure out I know.
Hope my body holds out? Hope I can acquire a better bike. Hope no one hits me. Hope I meet some people on the street. Hope i don't start getting tickets for not obeying some stupid bike laws because I pity that occifer). Hope I don't get too wet. Hope no one tells me to get a job because my $%^&ing work ethic is not the problem. Bus fare in this town $1.50 $2.50 for a day pass)
Hope you all realize that driving is not only a privelage but, it is a huge burden to keep legal if you aren't 'salaried ' and raising children. Kids and car tires don't go to well together.
I can beeeeeeeeeeeeee positive though. I will be able to come face to face (at the stop light) with the well protected women in her thick SUV or her darling -lets say baby blue - Lexus) and her little needs all met and if her window happens to be down (RARELY! IT MIGHT LET IN FRESH AIR)
I'll get to say....hmmmm nice day eh?
Yeppers, I know how to lose a car addiction. What do I do now???
(Last time I posted a response...My words were changed ( From Support to Solidarity?) before being published. You do not have permission to change my words.