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b&w photos of sacramento wto protest

black and white photos of the sacramento wto protest
just wanted to share several black and white photos i made at the sacramento wto protest in july, 2003. i'm an activist and photographer in portland.

Great Photos 19.Sep.2003 18:39

Chris Leck

Thanks for posting them, Bette.

Beautiful 21.Sep.2003 19:29



these photos are beautiful. I will share them with folks down here in Sac.


contact infomation and request 27.May.2005 07:03

Christopher Hight chight@rice.edu

I am an architecture professor and would like to contact the photographer for permission to use one of these images in a journal article I am co-authoring. But the email above does not work and the webmaster did not have other suggestions.

Any help? Please email me at  chight@rice.edu


photos of sacramento wto protests 31.May.2005 18:05

bette lee joyofresistance@yahoo.com

in case anyone wishes to contact me re: use of my photos, my new email address is:


i'm no longer at hotmail.com