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9.11 investigation

Michael Meacher on U.S. TV

Michael Meacher, former British Minister, in an exclusive US TV Interview about why the US may have been behind the 9/11 attacks

In an exlusive cooperation, GlobalFreePress arranged an Interview with former British Minister Michael Meacher, which will be broadcasted by INN News Report on Friday, 6PM EST on U.S. Television.
Meacher explained, that both Wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were planned in Advance before 9/11; he spoke about the role of PNAC, Oil and Cheney's controversial Energy Task Force in 2001.

The Interview will be broadcasted on Friday at 6PM EST, 9415 dish network (Free Speech TV) and Public Access Channels (i.e. in New York on MNN, Cable #34)

TV Show will be repeated on Saturday, September 20 at 9AM EST and Sunday, September 21 at 12AM EST

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Previously Posted on Portland IMC 19.Sep.2003 19:26