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forest defense

New CFD Offices in Eugene!!

577 Madison Eugene
Oppression Free and Womyns Safe Space opens!!
New CFD Offices in Eugene!!

577 Madison Eugene
Oppression Free and Womyns Safe Space opens!!
Rides, Pick-Ups, Temp Housing and Outreach, Training and
Inernet Acess. No more Growers Opression ;-)
what's the cross street? 19.Sep.2003 15:56


thanks for the update!

6th and Madison 19.Sep.2003 16:02


6th and Madison across from Andersons Nursery!

Oppression free is in the eyes of the beholder. 19.Sep.2003 19:08


And what exactly do you talk of when you speak of oppression at the Grower's Market? I though the worst oppressor in a long long time was just given a well deserved heave ho. Heard his large male ego was aching up a storm. Is this all about that?

Just exactly in what context is this thread, and does the vague inuendo it blows into our collective ears try to seduce us into moving away from CFD people in Grower's Market because of a little boy in a man's body's tantrum? Or is this about a REAL issue of sexist oppression?

Well? It's your dime, hotshot. Explain.

not accurate 20.Sep.2003 19:07

CFD forestdefenders@riseup.net

this post was not written by CFD (see email address on original post - this is not the address that CFD uses for its email.)

It is accurate that a male aggressor has recently been ousted from the Growers Market, but Growers is far from oppression-free. Our community as a whole still has a long way to go.

gimme a break 22.Sep.2003 09:41


akasha and hank (aka. monkey) are doing a good job (not really) at trying to give cfd a bad name.
isn't it interesting how calling people out on rape and violence gets the perpetrators to bond together to oppress those they have violated even further rather than confronting their own behaviors?

New HQ or not 22.Sep.2003 10:09


So what happens @ 577 Madison?
The Green Party Glee Club maybe?