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no wto, cafta, or ftaa!!

hey yo from houston!! join us as we say NO to the CENTRAL AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT!!! oct. 20th - 24th, 2003
hey all ya'll portland folks,

here in houston we're gearing up for the central american free trade agreement (CAFTA) talks that are scheduled to take place between oct. 20th and 24th. if there is anyway that ya'll can come out for this, please please please don't hesitate (we'll find ways to house you!). the wto was brought down to its knees last weekend (hell yeah!!), but the big bad profit-seeking bullies have other agreements in mind to forward their all-for-profit, we want money, interests.

make the stop in houston to protest CAFTA before heading out to miami to protest the FTAA in november.
protests and more have been planned for the week of the 20th. visit the houston imc site ( http://www.houston.indymedia.org) and take a look at the CAFTA feature and see how you'd like to get involved.

power to the people!