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First report of American dying of Mad Cow disease

When it rains it pours. Just as controversy is swirling over revelations that ranchers are covering up mad cow disease, the first report of an American dying of mad cow disease has just come to light...

Man with Mad Cow Disease may be first in US linked to eating meat.
September 17th, 2003

Peter Putnam is dying of vCJD - Mad Cow Disease, and doctors say his case fits the profile of those in the UK who contracted the disease by eating bad meat. If that is the case, there is a good chance it came from eating beef, as Mr Putnam (before he became ill) told his brother last summer he tried venison for the first time. This would not have been enough time for the disease to manifest itself from an animal infected with Chronic Wasting Disease, narrowing the options for where he would have came into contact with the disease.

Farmer should have covered up mad cow, Klein says

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has taken aim at the owner of the province's infamous mad cow, saying a "self-respecting" rancher would not have taken the animal to slaughter but instead would have simply "shot, shovelled and shut up."

Common practice for Ranchers to hide Mad Cow disease
miracle 18.Sep.2003 14:48


there have been previous mad cow human deaths in the U.S. and Canada but these have been blamed on the highly infected deer, elk, and buffalo

miraculously, the nations cows have remained pristine and immune in the midst of the continent wide epidemic of mad cow infecting these other ruminants

have a nice day

not to mention 18.Sep.2003 15:26


At least a few doctors have been talking about mad cow for a while here in the US. However, due to the incredible legal power of the beef industry no hospital or doctor will put mad cow down on a death certificate for fear of being slapped with a libel suit. Most cases and resultant deaths are simply labeled "early onset alzheimer's."

Most hospitals don't have the resources (or desire) that Oprah Winfrey had to successfully fight her libel suit from texas cattle ranchers.

Deny Mad Cow Disease 19.Sep.2003 00:51


The reason no one will admit that it is mad cow disease is because they would have to do an autopsie of the brain. If the tests are positive then they would have to destroy the lab since you cannot kill the prions that cause the disease. They are not alive.
This is a horrendous disease already running rampant in the US but being missed diagnosed as Alzhiemers.

between friends 19.Sep.2003 17:19

social worker

Just to let you kow, it's here. I work with people in care facilities here in Portland, and there are several cases that I know of where people are dying of this disease. I was shocked. They're young people who appear to have advanced altzheimer's disease. When I checked into it, I discovered they have mad cow disease. Everyone seems to be strangely silent about it. Perhaps a fear about the impact of a panic on the meat industry, I don't know. I just know it was really shocking to me, and I won't be eating any meat any time soon...if ever.

...um... 15.Jan.2004 10:12

Humpty Dumpty

I like giraffes...what?...you dont?!?!?!? DONT BE DISSIN ON THE SAVANNAH AMINALS!!!

Umm.... Don't Really Know.. 17.Feb.2004 07:45


I love Cattle my Grampa is a big farmer, and I know alot about farming!!
I got into alot of trouble when I lived with my mom and so I had to move back with my dad in the city!
So now when any of my teachers ask me Questions about farming and I get into big detale about it then I get made fun of but I don't care I love who I am and what I know!!!