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Hippie Lawyer Threatened

Alan Graf said that as a result of a case he's working on, he's received a death threat.
Today on his radio program, Voices from the Edge, which airs on KBOO, Alan Graf told his listeners that he was threatened by a man in a car in his neighborhood. The man told him that he was a liar and that he would be "blown away". Graf said that he was so rattled by the incident that he pondered buying a firearm. He said he wanted to make the incident public, so that everyone would know.
Graf is known locally for going head to head with Katz and the Portland Police over civil liberty issues and abuses of power by the police during protests.

hang in there 18.Sep.2003 11:38


1. My support for that hippie lawyer.

2. As you may have heard, "first they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then you win."

3. A security system of sorts would be my recomendation.

4. I hope that lawyer got a detialed description of that car and person. Lots of possible suspects that lead to the MAN.

one option 18.Sep.2003 11:58


This may a situation when a digital camera cell phone with internet access may be very useful. Then desciptions would not have to rely on traumatized memory. Just a thouhgt. Thank you, Alan, for being there for the people. I hope we can do the same for you.

Alan suddenly discovers the 2nd Ammendment 18.Sep.2003 13:01


After railing against America's "gun culture" and touting every conceivable "gun control" measure that comes our way, he suddenly wants to "buy a firearm" to protect himself? Didn't I hear him say on KBOO that noone needs to own a gun, just call the police...it's what they are there for...?

Hypocrisy or Conversion?

Hang in there 18.Sep.2003 13:09


Hang in there Alan!

Zip up your pants NRA, dude. 18.Sep.2003 13:24


I actually heard the radio show and he said he THOUGHT ABOUT buying a gun, but DECIDED AGAINST it.
I should have clarified that point earlier, had I known it would get the phalus-worshipers whipped into a lather.

dont call the cops for death threats agenst people who fight for civil rights. 18.Sep.2003 13:33

it dont work.

it was a cop duh.

Hippie Crit? 18.Sep.2003 13:43

Just wondering

Has this guy won any of his cases against the police?

Keep Up The Good Work Alan 18.Sep.2003 14:13


What I find really interesting about this whole thing is that the death threat took place in his neighborhood. That makes me wonder if Alan is being watch, or followed. What really amuses me though is that someone thinks by calling Alan a "liar" and telling him that he would be "blown away" thinks this will stop Alan from doing what work he does. This just goes to show that Alan, The NLG, and countless others out there are making a difference.

I would honestly like to meet this person and talk to him who would be so scared to drive up in a car and issue a death threat to an unarmed man.

Imagine! 18.Sep.2003 14:14

Rowley's Conscience

To think that a cop could be so dangerously stupid.

To: Just wondering 18.Sep.2003 14:19

Don't Worry

I don't think Graf has lost any cases yet against abusive officers. They will be brought to justice...only a matter of time.

It was some kind of 18.Sep.2003 14:49


extremist who listen to too many of Lars Lies. Probably a good friend of gun nut Bob, the fanatic.

It should be noted 18.Sep.2003 14:51


Alan also stated that he called 911 to file a report and they didn't resond. He attempted to file a report at the police station and with the city attorney and neither has responded in a helpful manner.

Attaboy Alan 18.Sep.2003 14:57



I didn't hear your story this morning in KBOO, but I read about it here today.

Keep on keeping on, man. Don't be afraid, don't be scared to be the human you've worked so hard to become. You've got a gift for getting under the skin of the status quo and that makes for interesting days and nights. Your life has been full and my guess is that your at peace with your regrets.

Keep it up. Do your work. Protect us against institutional injustices. Treat yourself to a nice meal.

You're a good person and we love you for it. At night before your sleep say a prayer of the names of your dearest friends and lovers and be comforted.

Another World is Possible - on the Edge 18.Sep.2003 17:45

marc mbatko@lycos.com

Another world is possible and if we're very quiet we can hear her coming (Arundhati Roy).
Another world is possible and if we listen to Alan Graf and Joanne Bowman on Thursday mornings on KBOO we can learn the new language and the new mathematics.
Another world is possible where books and enlightenment are given away free ( http://www.fourhourday.org), where people are encouraged or infused with courage, one world where many worlds fit, where everyone has a place ( http://www.ezln.org) and where money and power no longer determine life and survival ( http://www.commondreams.org)..


How can we help watch Alan's back? 19.Sep.2003 12:45


Can we set up a neighborhood blockwatch of sorts? If there's a description of the car, we could take turns hanging out around his place keeping an eye out for this guy. It doesn't seem wise to entierely rely on the cops to help out with this situation.

Alan should get a firearm 19.Sep.2003 20:25


You think the police will protect Alan? Maybe - and at that, 40 minutes too late. It's entirely moral to defend yourself. Publicly broadcasting his lack of a gun was not the brightest thing to do in this particular situation.

I'm with GRINGO on this one 20.Sep.2003 09:21

proud gun totin' leftist

It is one thing to reject violence wholesale and to reject aggressive violence and prepare for your own defense. Alan needs a gun, as do we all. When the death squad comes to the door at 4am there is no use talking. The best you can hope for is to make the survivors think twice about future hits.

What's the Use 20.Sep.2003 11:20


Was a Gun-tottin' lefty for a while.
I still find guns fascinating, and loved blowing huge holes in things. It was the ultimate power trip to hold death in your hand. I didn't give two shits about the second amendment, just loved blowing things to smithereens.
But after awhile, I found the gun culture a creepy place to be in.
The defining moment for me was being in a gun store on a Saturday afternoon in my little cow-town and seeing it filled with people who were in a gun buying frenzy right after the LA riots (many of them stating this as their reason). This was in a little town with fewer than a half dozen black families in it and was at least 800 miles from South Central. These people pictured their burg as being next on some sinister African revolt.
I also found going to gun shows to be disheartening. It's interesting to note how much blatant racism and sexism exists in the firearm worshipping community.
Being armed against governmental tyranny doesn't make much sense to me, especially against a tyranny that has unbelievably sophisticated weaponry. Unless you have the ability to fight against aircraft, biological and chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, psych-warfare etc, you might as well have a pea-shooter.
I think Alan's odds are similar, and he knows it. If someone wants to take him out and they have police connections, it wouldn't matter if he's armed or not. His best defence is making the threats public.
I wonder if anyone has contacted the local TV media?
Not that we can EVER rely on them, but it'd be interesting to see if they respond or not.

Intimidation 20.Sep.2003 12:26


I don't mean to diminish the seriousness of this, or advise anyone to be careless about it.

Alan Graf, and anyone who has been threatened should be ever careful and alert.

But it is likely that this threat was made just to intimidate him. And making it public certainly is a good defense. The police should do their best to make sure that nothing happens to him, or some of their own will be seen as the first suspects.

Alan must send a message that he is unstoppable 20.Sep.2003 14:13


I agree with "Creepy" that gun culture is often creepy, but the operative word here is "culture," not "gun." You don't have to hang out at gun shows and gun stores very much at all. Just obtain a gun, and for a lawyer a concealed weapons permit should be no problem whatsoever.

As for the government being too much of a threat to defend against with small arms, it should be noted that home invasions are not done with satellite-guided lasers or biological weapons. It is usually a bunch of men with small arms of some kind. So yes, a gun is a very effective defense against unofficial yet almost undoubtedly cop-affiliated threats of violence. The first thing any government that wants to mass murder its own people does is to enact "gun control" laws so that the people can't defend themselves.

Publicising the threats he gets is a good move on lan's part, but doesn't defend himself against actual attcks at all. If this threat proves to be not an idle one, Alan can defend himself and send a message that he cannot be bullied out of his activities.

People in Portland, watch his back. 21.Sep.2003 05:55


Sorry to hear that Alan, even though i didnt get to hear the broadcast on kaboo it was pretty nervewrecking to read about it. I think a person like yourself, selflessly helping other in the struggle against injustice, is definetly in the hot seat especially when someone knows who you are and knows where you live.

My shout goes out to you 21.Sep.2003 06:13

Dre d

Sorry to hear that Alan, even though i didnt get to hear your broadcast on kaboo, it was pretty nerver wrecking to read about it. Its terrible to think that someone like yourself, who helps others in the struggle agains injustice, would be in the hotseat, especially when some asshole knows who you are and where you live. Im glad youve chosen not to purchuse a gun, your sticking to your guns on this one, and i admire your courage. I just moved back to L.A and lately ive been pondering the idea of getting some form of protection. Ive always been against the idea of having a gun, i believe they create more problems then they solve. But Its always an option worth considering, i mean, if the state thugs pulled a home invasion, it really wouldnt matter what kind of arsenal you had, your a lawyer, not rambo. Or some would be jerk
driving by and makes death threats, either way, you cant really control that. But i wouldnt completely rule it out, i dont think a person would be a hypocrite if he doesnt agree with ownership of a gun, and has one, i think it just implies the realities that we face and if it comes down to it must protect one self. especially in your position. take care.

Back Alan Up! heŽs been backing us up. 22.Sep.2003 02:11


Solidarity Alan, stay strong.

IŽd advise people to indeed form a neighborhood block watch, something like Peace Brigades. The basic structure was worked out in the week after September 11th, 2001, when we organized a group to respond to threats against Middle Eastern Americans. ThereŽs a phone tree and a lot of trainings were done that could be adapted to this situation.

We cannot let the state single our people out!