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R.I.P Johnny Cash

Legend dies at 71, Sept 12th, 2003.
Country music legend Johnny Cash died at 71. He was a true American hero. He spoke out against rasicm and discrimination, he spoke out against the Vietnam War, he played the prisons... Hopefully he will remembered by the rebels and the radicals as well as the cowboys and the country fans. There will be Peace in the Valley, Johnny...
Johnny was a punk 18.Sep.2003 08:25


So long Johnny.
Johnny was a punk
Johnny was a punk

Thanks for posting this... 18.Sep.2003 12:12


I thought I was mourning Johnny all on my lonesome here in rebelland.

Ditto 18.Sep.2003 14:44


I love Johnny too.

The Man in Black 19.Sep.2003 13:06


Now is wearing white.

Rest in Peace Johnny, You'll be missed.

traveling song 23.Sep.2003 13:27


johnny cash is punk. he sang songs about the disinfrancised. i thought that g.w. bush commenting on his passing was weird.

" the time has come to sing a traveling song" -johnny cash (rip)