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Car Free Day Street Fair and Morning Commute Ride

Come and Participate in Local International Car Free Day Activities on Sunday September 21 and Monday September 22.
In conjunction with International Car Free Day, there will be a Car Free Day Street Fair in Portland on Sunday September 21, from 2 PM to 7 PM at SE Ankeny and SE 8th. Approximately 6 city blocks will be closed to traffic. Explore the possibilities of streets for people, not cars! There will be music, art, food, childrens activities, and displays focused on alternatives to cars, such as load-carrying bicycles, and information on advocacy groups for transportation alternatives.

On Monday morning September 22, there will be two group commute rides on SE Hawthorne Boulevard from SE 39th to downtown, leaving at 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM from the Fred Meyer parking lot by the bike racks.





Finally 18.Sep.2003 09:03

Scott Spoke

Sounds good....................I was a the Alberta sidewalk.....er....."street" fair last Saturday and was dissapointed that the street was not closed off. How hard would it be to detour the traffic for a few hours and make it a true street fair? Looking forward to a true street fair.

it is actually fairly difficult to close an arterial 18.Sep.2003 11:28


Unless you are corporate of course, such as when Providence closures for the Bridge Pedal.

Portland Carfree Day had tried to close a few blocks on E Burnside, but not enough of the businesses / business associations would sign on so it wasn't possible. Having the bus routes redirected is actually much easier than getting all the appropriate parties to approve a street closure. Still, with as many streets closed as we have (several blocks centered on SE Ankeny / 8th), this will be a really good street fair with no car exhaust / noise.

Minor Correction 09.Feb.2004 20:48

captain scoutess

Actually, we had all the required signatures to close a street to cars. All the businesses for 2 blocks on Burnside, 3 neighborhood associations, the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance all supported our effort to transform Burnside into a pedestrian plaza for the afternoon of Sept. 21st, but the traffic engineers would not allow it because they were concerned about the safety of re-routing the traffic from Burnside into the surrounding neighborhoods.

As Captain planet predicted, the fair was grea! Check progress on the 2004 event @ www.shift2bikes.org.