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Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the Fish Program.

Cowlitz Indian Tribe and their Fish Program, how they use this program to discriminate against any Tribal Member who speaks their mind.
Cowlitz Indian Tribe and their Fish Program, how they use this program to discriminate against any Tribal Member who speaks their mind. A tribal member might find themselves victim to discrimination for speaking about the dealings with the corn farmer. They will not let those whom speak up know when fish is available for the tribe. They use this just like the Elders Program to discriminate against any one who says anything concerning what went on in deals struck by tribal council and the corn farmer in Toledo, Washington. Guess who is running the tribes fish program now, need I state any further as to it is that now runs the fish program for the tribe. You got it, the director who runs the Elders program and just love's this corn farmer more then any tribal member. And that is not all when you consider her sister who works for the state of Washington at the Health and Human Services who has even more access to any tribal member that is connected with this state agency. This tribe gathers their wagons around this corn farmer who is only interested in his own self and what he can get out of the tribe. They think he is more interested in helping the tribe but when you study the actions by him and tribal council you find something quite different. This fish program is to help all members of the tribe and not just a few as director of the Elders program likes to think she has her given right to deny any member fish or any other entitlement to any member of the tribe. The director works side by side with the corn farmers niece who works for the tribal housing as the assistant and anyone who speaks against this corn farmer is discriminated against through what ever means they can think up including the fish program. You are in their minds excluded from any program currently open to all members of the tribe. One member of the tribe had set up the original fish program only to be taken away because she is one of the 400 or so tribal members council will banish in November during the General Council meeting. She did not use her position to discriminate any one in the tribe for speaking their mind. But the director of the Elders program has a fur different point of view concerning her ability to use her position to willfully use both the Elders and the fish program to get back at those stating what is really going between the corn farmer and the tribe. I don't know what makes these tribal members holding positions in tribal government want to stand up this corn farmer but one thing is really clear, they go after the member who speaks up. This tribe should be investigated for deals generated behind closed doors and how once they find out who it is launch an all out campaign to discriminate at every level of tribal government. They openly and willingly pit Cowlitz blood against the corn farmer, favoring the corn farmer and people like him by these actions. They, (the leadership) with great malice and fore thought commit to discriminating against any tribal member who states his or her opinion concerning the relationship of this corn farmer and the tribe. Knowing full well, they removed an Ancestor from the corn farmers corn field and no plans to ever return the Ancestor to Mother Earth. Yet they attempt to call themselves an Indian Tribe with honorable prestige.

Who is the Corn Farmer? 01.Oct.2003 07:18

Viper viper123@mail.com

Who is the Corn Farmer, and how is he connected to Tribal individuals? Who applied for the permit for the bridge over the Creek? I dont understand the connection of how the giving and taking of land bennefitted the Corn Farmer, in other words, was it necessarry for the Corn Farmer to do this to bennefit himself? And if so, specifically how?