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Rumsfeld Denies that US / British Troops are Changing Sides

Rumors in Europe are rampany that 100's of troops are held in Iraqi prisons for changing sides.
Recent access to German hospitals where all US / UK [ coalition troops ] are held has verified that large quantities of troops have begun to switch sides to support the Iraqi people.

Blacks in the hospitals have reported do french and german reporters that many muslim blacks in the us army have decided they're on the wrong side of the war.

Rumsfeld has denied that anyone is being held.
come on now 17.Sep.2003 18:04


is this complete BS or do you have sources/references for this story?

Fog of War 17.Sep.2003 19:42


The author must certainly know that the allegations posted are extraordinary in the present context. Such a posting is fairly worthless without some accompanying reference or citation to a source. Please provide the origin of the rumor.

Straight from the horse's mouth 18.Sep.2003 00:17


Come on!!! It says it was written by Wesley Clark!!!