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Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the Casino they are planning to build at La Center, Washington.

Who will gain from this Casino at La Center, Washington, it won't be the General Council of the tribe.
Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the Casino they are planning to build at La Center, Washington. The chairman's son gave a report to a local news paper the other day stating that the "Tribe" have no definite plans to build on the 150 acre site but in reality they are moving forward to build a casino. After all, it was he who put up the money to buy this acreage in the first place. They will be building a casino and no one seems to know just who is backing this project. If you think applying for a casino permit is tough in Nevada, then just consider how hard it is for Native Indians to obtain a permit to build and run a casino. The requirements are far more stringent when it comes to Indian Casinos. It was stated once by the Tribal Chairman, the Tribe had backing to build this casino from private contributors but would not state just who these were. Given this information, one most consider the following concerning the Tribe and who they have dealt with in the past, like the corn farmer who gives the Tribe acreage and then turns around and takes back some of the acreage to open up a pit mine to remove rock for his own benefit and then state that this is Indian Land and no one can stop him from doing what he wants. This is the kind of dealings the Tribe is involved in. I don't know what type of strings the tribal Chairman can attempt to pull, but Indian Casino's fall under a much more stringent guide lines then that of Nevada's Gaming Commission. I don't know for sure if anyone setting on the tribes gaming commission has ever passed the guide lines set forth under the Indian Gaming Commission or not but the fact remains unclear. Requirements for working on any Indian Gaming Commission are fur greater then those set in place by Nevada's. Who knows where this money will be coming from to build the Casino at La Center, Washington? Could it be underworld influence, the timber industry, or some farmers association, no knows but the those inside the Tribe's Gaming Commission headed by the Chairman's son? The past dealings the Tribe has made reflect the true nature of just what they are about under the current Tribal Chairman. Who will benefit from this Casino will be the Chairman's son, who will own 25 per cent of this operation after it is opened for business. That's who and the tribal membership will go without. This is just an attempt to build an Empire run by the Tribal Chairman and his son. It will not benefit General Council at all. This not the only project waiting in line for the tribe, they have plans to build a deep sea port and it will become a "Duty Free Zone Port." And would pull traffic away from other ports up and the West Coast to this port to save money for the shippers who use the sea as a means to transport goods from other countries, or exports to other countries like logs from this state, which translates into more money for the timber industry and that is what the Tribal Chairman and his son are into. If these plans are enacted and put in place one thing would be sure is that the Longshoreman Union would be locked out because of what the Tribal Chairman feelings are towards Unions. The building site for the Casino is in Clark County and they are currently taking citizen input about the project through Friday.