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Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs A DYI National book release.

By dinosaurs, we mean Capitalism, The State, Hierarchy, and the countless other guises worn by Authority. What shall come after the dinosaurs?

Anarchy of course.

In fact, anarchy is already all around us
The Curious George Brigade have written this book purposely not as yet another manifesto, or as a boring book of dead anarchist history. In fact, they wrote this book to be a breath of fresh air, a testament to living anarchy. They declare on the first page to forget the Spanish Civil War and continue our attack on tradition, anarchist or otherwise, from on full-throttle from there...
Championing decentralization, chaos, mutual aid and butterfly-wings among other things, this book brings to life the tactics and strategies for an effective resistance against the dinosaurs today.

The Curious George Brigade put their money where our mouth is. This is a do-it-yourself project. All the layout, art, expenses and so on were all done by the Curious George Brigade.

The 154 page book is 6 Dollars(USD) per copy. Since we want people to order copies to give their friends, infoshops, public libraries, or anyone else, you get a free one after 4 books. Charge what you want, and help found your own DYI projects.

For more info, see attached links.


homepage: homepage: http://www.ageofdinosaurs.com
address: address: PO Box 244, Mosinee, WI. 54455