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scary shit in downtown portland

Weird streetsigns in Downtown Portland say everything short of Sieg Heil!
Anyone know the scoop on that weird sign that reads "No cruising: 9pm-5am" that one sees going southbound on Broadway somewhere a little south of Burnside (I believe)? What the hell's up with that one? Who defines "cruising"? Is that some form of "driving while not sufficiently respectable," yet another pretext for the cops to round up whomever they please?

Another doozy I caught a glimpse of out the corner of my eye today: Big billboard on 10th going northbound close to the library, shows a picture of a rich lady, and reads something to the effect, "I love dropouts--they make great workers in my sweatshops!" I guess it's supposed to be a warning from the ruling elites to wayward (aka "at-risk") youths, as in, "don't even think about escaping from our indoctrination centers for willing workers, lest you end up among the superexploited, unwilling ones." Wow, real heartwarming.

Boy, I came to Portland looking for a bit of an escape valve from festering American fascism. Oops! Instead it looks like I've found myself in the center of the diseased canker itself. I'm not used to seeing shit so blatantly fascistic and so prominently posted anywhere, and I'm from San Diego, a city that is practically a giant military encampment.
PDX isn't a capitalism free zone 17.Sep.2003 03:30


Portland is definately one of the more progressive and activist oriented areas of North America, but it's still a city and marketers are bound to try shocking ways to attract customers. Some of the crassest commercialism I've ever seen has been in San Francisco, there was one of those trucks with the big video screens on the side driving through Chinatown advertising some damn dot com company.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 17.Sep.2003 07:13


Well, I can't defend the sweatshop sign, having had to work in one 'till I went back to school...
The cruising signs have to do with an actual ordinance that I'm sure Portland has. Once upon a time, huge mongol herds of teens used to decend unto P-town from all around, even parts of Washington state, and choke up traffic for miles. There was nothing else for them to do. There were lots of local news stories about all the problems it was supposedly causing at the time. Now it seems to be virtually non-existent. I guess TV has kids staying at home.
That's not to say that the anti-cruising ordinance wouldn't be arbitrarily used for something else.

sign signs 17.Sep.2003 07:25


Those no cruising signs have been there for a long time. How long have you been in P-town? Have you ever been downtown on a weekend night? That should answer your question.

As for the other sign - FUCK THAT!! As a dropout, I have to say that dropping out of high school was probably the smartest thing I could have done for myself. I've never had to work in a sweatshop, though I have had comparably shitty jobs. But I found one that allows me now to put myself through college and eat dinner every night.
If you ask me, that sign just fans the flames of class war.

This should be a call to action!! Anyone game?

Two Signs? 17.Sep.2003 07:41

Den Mark

Two signs? Two whole entire signs? Is that supposed to be overwhelming or something? Were i to go to San Diego, i wouldn't find two signs which irritate me? Doubt it. Doubt it.

I agree with me 17.Sep.2003 09:19

another me

I too came to Portland thinking it was progressive and I could have a respite from the fascism of the east coast.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Many people here are progressive but most are not. The City government and the county government are more corrupt than most local governments that I have encountered. People have the opportunity to talk at public hearings and whatnot but their voices are completely ignored (whether they admit it or not) and the city council does whatever it wants.

The Police here though are the worst. They are worse than the redneck cops in rural areas because the whole force is corrupt and most are actually not idiots or fools. They are educated and know exactly what they are doing - that makes them worse. Not knowing better is one thing. Using your intellect to intentionally lie, file false reports and abuse citizens is a whole different and much uglier ball game.

so leave then.... 17.Sep.2003 11:17

so-leave-then guy

if you came here from somewhere else, and are so disenchanted, why are you staying? i'm sure you'd be happier elsewhere.

the no-cruising is a case of a few ruining things for the majority 17.Sep.2003 12:22


I'm sure the cruising ban (ban on driving repeatedly through the same location) was enacted for the same reason as in most cities that have one: people usually kids racing each other, leaving a lot of litter, making too much noise, etc. Of course, those would be just some of the cruisers, but enough of an annoyance that downtown residents / businesses wanted to ban the cruising and therefore it is banned. Actually democracy in action, the majority of people affected that bothered to participate in the political process got their way. I haven't researched this, just speaking from experience from other places that have cruising bans.

Sings Need to be Corrected 17.Sep.2003 12:26

sign boy

'No Cruising' -----> 'No Driving'

Sinister looking old rich Bat with hideous curls and the sweatshop 17.Sep.2003 13:27

Gerald Diddlerdink

That ad makes people think.

cruisin' dude 17.Sep.2003 14:04


yeah, those signs have been down there for a really long time. and you know, cruising is cruising. you know what that means. going up and down the same strip multiple fucking times a night. whatever. i understand you're bummed the city even bothers to put up signs banning such shit but it could be a lot worse. as for the other sign, fuck man, you live in america. i've lived in central California, Austin,TX and now Minneapolis and guess what, all of em have had obnoxious signs i've hated. But none of them have had the vegan dining options, cycling community, good record stores, rather large politically active community and many other things that portland has to offer. so for north america you're in a pretty kick ass location.

so-leave-then-guy 17.Sep.2003 14:09

you sound a lot like flag waving right wing fascists

I'm not disenchanted so-leave-then-guy- I'm disgusted, particularly by people like you.

I invested a lot to get here, live here and become licensed here. These expenditures are not easily recouped but you wouldn't understand that because you see things only in black and white. You remind me of another bunch I know they are the red white and blue wearing freaks who tell demonstrators to love amerika or leave it.

Believe me I intend to get out of here and will once my lawsuit is settled - I will take this city's money and run to somewhere that is more than smoke and mirrors.

whatever 17.Sep.2003 14:25

whatever guy

you're the one who came on here all bitching about how portland doesn't live up to your high standards.

seriously, i always have to hear folks complaining about how portland is messed up compared to other places, and it's just stupid. nobody made any of them come here, and nobody's keeping them here.

and it's not the same thing as the "love it or leave it" nutcases, because you said yourself you're not from here. if some goofball from where-the-f**k-ever moved to the US and then bitched about how screwed up it was compared to their homeland, then we'd be talking apples and apples.

christ, i swear some people move here just to bitch about it.

Please go 18.Sep.2003 01:26

please go guy

Portland is full enough of whiny Gen X-ers from whereever-the-fuck like "me." We could stand for you to metastasize to some less central part of the "diseased canker." Go now!

Boo fu*king hoo 09.Mar.2005 07:11


I came to this site because the link said scary shit, what do I find istead? Some dumbass dropout anarchist bitching about street signs. Maybe if you would have stayed in school, you would understand the meaning of those signs. The next time you decide to move, please do not come to PA, our towns are already chock full of jackasses like yourself and you would just bring us over quota.