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What's Wrong With Cops?

Just want to know what exactly is wrong with cops?
What specifically is wrong with them?
Could you be more specific? 16.Sep.2003 19:55


Do you mean:

-What is wrong with the concept of having public officials entrusted to enforce laws, protect and serve citizens?

-Why do some policemen and women behave the way that they do, i.e- abusing authority?

-What specific actions do Portland cops take to abuse the public trust, and fail to perform their duties?

-Something else?


Also, why do you ask?

Specifically... 16.Sep.2003 20:04


As far as violence.

How far is violence? 16.Sep.2003 20:27


Do you mean:

-What kind of violence do the police commit against each other? against others?

-Why do some officers kill unarmed citizens?

-Why do some officers attack peaceful demonstrators?

-Why do some officers abuse their spouses? torture suspects? assault people when off duty?

-Portland police? Israeli police? Mexican police?
Do you know how to cut and paste?

Why have you started this thread?

what? 16.Sep.2003 20:29


.. what?

there are insane amounts of things wrong with police.. but you mean with violence?

whats wrong with police violence is this... they are there to stop violence THAT IS THERE ONLY POINT, and therein lies the problem. Police are there to ensure the safety of all people, but that never happens, because people are curruptable, people are sexist/racist/classist. So giving people the power to do what they want to "keep the peace" will undoubtably lead to abuses of these powers. There is no point in having police if they cause more problems than they solve... which is the case.

A portland without police would look as such: you defend yourself and your family, and realize that if you hurt other people, its just like someone hurting you. There will undoubtably be pain and suffering, but there is pain and suffering anyway. But really, in todays society it would be near impossible to function without police entirely (or would it?), but that is of course one of the problems with this society, it has come to the point where everyone is everyone elses enemy (apparently), and we need a whole group of people to just protect ourselves from ourselves... violently. But is that really true? do you not kill someone because you are afraid of the police? or because there really is no gain for you in murdering that person?

(ive already expressed my views on rape/murder here before, banishment for a period of 5-10 years, followed by execution if banishment is not reasonably followed. If that sounds harsh, then explain to me why prisons work, and then why we should allow dangerous people to live within the reach of more potential victims. and of course, there would be a jury so that the offender could have a chance to plead his case, but in the end, banishment is not all that bad, its a measure to protect the victims, not punish the offender, as punishment is useless... since the entire system is set up to defend and protect.. NOT punish and torture.)

the only short term solution for the police issue is to limit their powers to such an extent that there is virtually no way they could abuse them. Take away lethal weapons and the ability to use lethal force, take away their tanks and chemical weapons, make them subject to the same laws all regular citizens are.

Hey Kroeker! 16.Sep.2003 20:51

Officer Friendly

get a job!!!

Dear Portlander 16.Sep.2003 23:46


The thing that I don't understand is your name. 'Portlander' seems to infer that you are from around here. If you are from around here it is hard for me to understand that you don't know what is wrong with the police unless you live under a rock. Are you saying that you have never had bad experiences with the police and need somebody to explain the problem to you?

I am not an outgoing person, but I have had plenty of bad experence with the police.

Have you had any experience at all with the police?

Please explain. I'm serious, I really don't understand.

Portlander smells like a cop or corporate media reporter 17.Sep.2003 09:39

sick of trolls

We all know what violence the portland police do.

Why do you pretend that you don't?

Hmmmm. 17.Sep.2003 10:22


I think perhaps Portlander means, what's wrong with cops in terms of what the fuck is the matter with those knuckleheads. Maybe?

The problem is the role they play in society. Whether they know it or not when they sign up for the force, their job is to protect the interests of the rich from the poor masses. They are here to prop up an unequal, unjust system. They protect the interests of the PBA against the people of Portland by beating people off the sidewalks and streets when they come out to voice dissent abotu the war, yet they collude in closing down streets for businesses like Krispy Kreme or the various corporate street festivals. They arrest people who take things out of stores without paying for them, but they fail to arrest those who take common resources from the earth without paying for them. They harass and arrest homeless people who try to sleep in doorways or under bridges, but they failed to sanction the rich bastards who threw out low income people and jacked up rents all over NW PDX when it gentrified. Similarly, they never sanction the rich dumbasses who damage the skyline with their ridiculous edifices. The law is designed to punish the poor, not the wealthy.

A study of the Oregon Justice System a few years ago showed racism and classism at every level, starting with the patrolman on the street. It's no secret that the prisons are full of poor people of color, even though the majority of crimes are committed by wealthy and/or middle class white people. But wealthy white people seem to appeal more to officers on the street as well as judges, leading to fewer arrests, less prison time, fewer consequences. (That is, unless the wealthy white person is a woman, because wealthy, self-sufficient women are perceived as "uppity" and bitchy. They seem to relish throwing the book at them.)

As for specifics, where can one even begin? Pepper sprayed babies last summer? Yes, three babies were pepper sprayed by the cops. Or the hundreds peaceful citizens of this town who thought they lived in a democracy who were also pepper sprayed. How about the shooting of an unarmed black woman? The shooting of an unarmed man in a mental hospital? (Those guys got MEDALS for that.) Want to know what's wrong with them? Try talking to that idiot Brian Shmautzer (SP?) guy. He's as clueless a lump as ever I've met, and he routinely tries to justify the unjustifiable actions of PDX police officers. Just because the corporate media lets him get away with it doesn't mean we have to by his crap. Just give him a call! Listen to the shit he spews out! Oh, there are SO many other "specifics." Maybe Portlander should go to a copwatch meeting or something.

Portlander is fishing for information 17.Sep.2003 10:49

sick of trolls

PDX Citizen I think you misunderstood Portlander's post. Portlander is not expressing disgust or dismay that the portland police are state sanctioned criminals.

Portlander is fishing for information. Why? Well I don't know but as stated earlier mayber Portlander's head has been under a rock. The more likely explanation is that Portlander is a cop, a reporter, or some naive (or not so naive) government worker who is trying to feel out how much animosity there is toward the cops.

Types of people 17.Sep.2003 14:26


There are 3 types of people in this world!

1. Sheep

2. Wolves

3. Sheep Dogs

The Sheep are your everyday person, and thos e sheep don't like the sheep dogs, because the sheep dog is always telling them what they can and can't do. However the sheep absolutely love the the sheep dogs when the wolves show and want Sheep dogs to do whatever is necessary. Thw wolves by the are criminals. That is is the society we live in, people wine all the time about the police, but when the situation effects them they want the Sheep Dogs there immediately and remeber the Sheep dogs are there to save the sheeps asses, not kiss them!

Answer 17.Sep.2003 14:34


There are 3 types of people in our society:
1. Sheep
3.Sheep dogs

The sheep are the everday person, and they don't like the sheep dogs, because the Sheep Dogs are always hearding the sheep around and telling them what they can and can't do. The sheep only like the sheep dogs when the Wolves show up ( Criminals) to harm to them in anyway, then the sheep want the sheep dogs there at a moments notice. That is the society we live in and you have to understand the the Sheep Dogs are there to save the Sheeps asses not kiss them!

then don't you think... 17.Sep.2003 14:50


When the sheep dogs attack the sheep, shouldn't they be put down?

The People are not sheep 17.Sep.2003 16:58


Thanks, officer, but we're not sheep and we don't need dogs on our heels. As for "criminals" and wolves, people are not so easily categorized. For example, Officer Scott McCollister, who killed an unarmed woman in cold blood is not labeled a criminal by our society because he wore a uniform while doing it. A wolf in sheep dog's clothing? Officer Marty Rowley is not considered a criminal even though he routinely deploys chemical weapons against unarmed civilians in order to put down dissent. George Bush is not labeled a criminal (yet) even though he lied to the American people, committed treason and fraud, and is now a murderer. The officers who shot Jose Mejia Poot in a mental hospital are not only not labeled criminals, they were awarded medals and labeled heros. The cops who gunned down Amadu Diallo were never labeled criminals, despite filling an unarmed and innocent man with 41 bullets in the doorway to his apartment building. The agents of the law who murdered the members of MOVE by firebombing their home and their neighborhood were never declared criminals either. Oh the list is so, so long.

Meanwhile, Mumia and Peltier and so many other political prisoners rot in jail cells. A man in the midwest went to jail for the "crime" of insurance fraud because he allowed his uninsured friend to be treated under his name. The corporate structure that kills the uninsured poor is business as usual, but those who go around it are criminals. Free is a "criminal" for vandalizing SUVs, but the people who knowingly put faulty SUVs on the road that killed hundreds of people are not criminals. Again, the list goes on and on.

The point is, the cops are not here to benignly protect us, nor do they even pretend to do that most of the time. They are here to protect the corrupt corporate system from the people, and that's what they generally do. Labels like criminal and wolf are very subjective things. The wealthy write the laws, sling the labels, and therefore control the story. As I've said before, those who control the story control the world. That's why it's important for us to reject thier labels and their laws and their stories and supplant them with our own.