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so whats going to be done PDXwise about druglaws?

ive been reading abunch of pro-drug stuff here, but nothing about individual actions that could be taken on.
so does anyone have any ideas?
Repeat after me: Jury Nullification 17.Sep.2003 02:17


Here's a rundown of the top three things we can do about the "drug war":

1) Jury Nullifcation
2) JURY nullification

starting to get the picture? Read this:


The appalling thing is, hardly anyone I talk to, even people who consider themselves seasoned activists on the left, even know what jury nullification is. Un-fucking-believable, if you ask me. Why do you think the feds would never dare try prosecuting a "medical marijuana" in Santa Cruz CA?

Wanna help form a fully informed jury activist group in Portland? ;-)

Interesting 17.Sep.2003 08:34

Ed Harley

a 4 or 5 years ago i did jury duty at the courthouse in downtown portland, and there *was* an activist outside handing fliers about jury nullification to everyone who entered the courthouse. the courthouse, on the other hand, had instituted its own propaganda campaign and was actually leaving fliers in every chair in the jury pool room arguing that jury nullification is actually illegal (which is hogwash, of course). i wonder what happened to the activists?

Ed: do you still have a copy of the flyers? 17.Sep.2003 16:37


It'd be real interesting to see these flyers. I'm shocked that the court would even dare so much as use the words "jury nullification," it terrifies them so much the thought of jurors actually informing themselves. My guess is the flyers left by the court officials that you saw never actually used those words, only emphasized, addressing no counterargument in particular, that jurors are obligated to "apply the law irrespective of their personal beliefs," a statement that's routinely made, and true enough as far as it goes -- it just doesn't go into the territory that jury nullification addresses, where a law conflicts not merely with one's own personal beliefs, but with elementary principles of justice, as seen by the entire community in a certain place, of which a jury is meant to be representative.

To: Me 17.Sep.2003 16:51

Ed Harley

I don't have a copy of either flyer, but you're correct: the courthouse did not use the words 'jury nullification'. It basically said that individuals passing out information to jurors are incorrect, and that jurors must follow the instructions of the presiding judge, period. Maybe someone else out there has some information. Perhaps the activists were affiliated with a particular campaign, like NORML or something.... I don't know.

page wont open 18.Sep.2003 00:06



Why not start 18.Sep.2003 16:20

a referendum

to decriminalize marijuana possession. Isn't that what just passed in Seattle??

a referendum eh? 18.Sep.2003 23:04


sounds feasable, anyone want to work on something like this?

what can't we do 15.Oct.2003 01:36

H. W. Anslinger

the drug war is a fraud as a whole but the real issue is (marihuana)
educate yourself and then others about the REAL uses of cannabis
cannabis as a drug is far inferior to its other uses
energy, annually renewable, the united states could be energy independent!
paper! can anyone say (save the forests)
clothes, food, and of course medicine
focusing is the only thing we can do
its what we have to do!
come together