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Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the “metis” factor.

The tribe's stated stance on enrolling the metis was to bring up the roll numbers giving the appearance of a large tribe here in Washington State to the BIA office and BAR who makes a final decision in recognizing tribes.
Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the "metis" factor. The tribe's stated stance on enrolling the metis was to bring up the roll numbers giving the appearance of a large tribe here in Washington State to the BIA office and BAR who makes a final decision in recognizing tribes. If you remove the "metis" from the rolls you'd find that the tribe's enrollment number would drop to about 1400 members with Cowlitz Blood. Making the tribe a much smaller tribe than the current enrollment figures of some where between 2000 to 3000 and the majority now being "metis" who have no direct link to the Ancestral history of the Cowlitz people during the 1850's. The "metis" have no Indian blood running through their veins at all. They have mixed blood of the European community that came to this region of the US during an expansion period exploring the North West and build communities based on the European society of the Eastern seaboard. The "metis" have no given right to partake in Indian affairs of the Cowlitz People. Their thought process is that of the European community. They do not think the same way Indians do concerning the Creator and Earth Mother, as they follow their own beliefs drawn from the first Europeans the arrived to Tuttle Inland and still consider Tribal Religion as being heathen and should not be practiced and need to follow their religion as being the only way. The "metis" do not understand the ways of Indian People, the way things were before their arrival to Tuttle Inland. They could not understand that Indian People could live in Harmony with Mother Earth, who provided so much to the Indian Community to Sustain their very life with out destroying what the Creator gave as a Gift to each nation across Tuttle Inland and the only thing the Creator requested in return was to protect Earth Mother as she will provide you with what ever one might need through out time until the arrival of the Europeans to Tuttle Inland. The European or "metis" saw a great Continent with vast resources for the taking but the only thing standing in the way were the First People on Tuttle Inland. Seventy Five per cent of Tuttle Inland was an old growth forest to clear cut, making way for the cattle from Europe to replace the deer,elk and other meat the First People were use to consuming to maintain their lives. Today the "metis" have the controlling factor in Cowlitz Tribal Government. They rule with the same impunity as the first Europeans upon arrival to the North West. They do not want the Cowlitz People to practice the religion handed down from the beginning of time. They do not want anyone to speak their mind when the Environment is added to the equation because that would hinder the Europeans continued assault on Earth Mother. The true Cowlitz People lost their right to say anything after the enrollment of the "metis" into the Tribe. They are now pushed aside to further the agenda of the "metis" and sold out the Ancestors to the European community in more then one way. There is word spreading around Cowlitz Country that the "metis" were added due to a vote by General Council, but one most consider the following information when General Council is allowed to vote on such matters. The timing by tribal council to bring out amendments to the constitution are held in November when most Cowlitz can not travel to attend General Council meetings. They relay on the numbers being low and passing such amendments would be passed be those favoring tribal council in governing the Cowlitz People. These acts are nothing less then stacking the deck to assure total control over the true Cowlitz People. Tribal Council makes all of the decisions and the "metis" make up most of that governing body over the tribe.

Halfbreed 16.Sep.2003 20:11


Half bree-eed, that's all I ever hea-eard
Half bree-eed, how I learned to hate the word
Half bree-eed, she's no good they war-arned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

I'm sorry, please delete above 16.Sep.2003 21:29


I'm sorry, please delete the above comment, and this. I sent it, then tried to stop it. It's not really appropriate. I thought I was making a comment, because being mixed is sometimes not an easy thing. Other people are always telling you what you are, or what you are not. Those are the lyrics to a Sonny and Cher song that I used to hang on to for some kind of strange comfort.

Metis 08.Jan.2004 13:06

Rlwalker Rlwalker75@aol.com

I do believe you have a point maybe the metis do not belong in the list with the Cowlitz Indians, but i would very much like to see the comment about Metis having no Indian blood taken out, there is documented evidence that the Metis are yes as everyone says Half Breeds, half Scotish, French, Irish, or English and Half Cree Indian, there is Indian blood in The Metis People, it may not be the same as "Full Blood" My husband is half Cherokee does that make him any more or less Indian than I am, just because he has Cherokee in his history. I have Cree in my history, it was married to scotish immigrants but that makes it no less important and no less a part of my heritage.