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Art Re-Evolution on 9/27

This art show, auction, and evening of diverse
entertainment is a benefit for SCRAP that reflects the
unique arts/culture and vibe of Portland. It will
showcase local artists, AND promoting the
environmental ethic of recycling
and reuse.
Art-Re-Evolution is an art show and auction to benefit SCRAP that features functional and decorative art pieces in a range of media, using reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials.

It is guarenteed to be interesting and have a real variety so that SOMETHING will appeal to everyone!
Hip Chicks will be selling wine & a dollar per glass will go towards SCRAP.

At least 15 local artists will be showing their works and entertainment will range from bluegrass
to bellydancing. Msuic includes these local groups: Rattlebone Hollow, Recycleman and tyhe Dumpster Divers,
and Harlan Mayer, a talented one-man ambient sound extravaganza.

To ask questions, inquire about donating artwork to the auction, or to get directions to the venue please
call Angel Kelly at 503-239-5679 or see www.scrapaction.org (The warehouse is near the tracks and Holgate overpass, so you need to zig zag via SE 26th & Schiller to get there).

SCRAP--The School and Community Reuse Action Project--is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
that collects reuseable items from local businesses and distributes them to educators, artists, families and kids.


phone: phone: 503-239-5679