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the "evil eye"
"evil eye"
The following picture is of the hurricane approaching the east coast...notice the pentacle in eye...beautiful...

realize rebel revolutionize

Is this news? 16.Sep.2003 13:41


I don't see a pentacle and I find this post ridiculous.

God willing, 16.Sep.2003 14:47


The fucker will slam right into D.C. If the abortionists, gays and American Civil Liberties Union members were responsible for September 11th, surely Bush would be responsible for Isabel's White House-busting destruction.

Real??? 18.Sep.2003 12:18

Fredrick VonMort

I was sent this image and I looked it over. After going to the website that is listed and looking over other images, I do not believe that this image is real.. It has been doctored. Has anyone verified with the MSFC folks about it? I plan on getting a copy of the image from them as soon as I can.