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Michael Moore Wants Your Money

Michael Moore is coming, and he's gonna make a ton of money.
In case folks have not heard, Michael Moore is coming to town. You can go see him, but you'll have to pay. Your organization can table at this event, but they'll have to pay. How much? Individual tickets are just $29, or $20, or $15 for the crappy seats. Tables cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

Does this sound kind of expensive? Don't worry, the money will go to a good cause. The poster lists Ticketmaster and the Portland Tribune as sponsors--and they are great corporations, certainly deserving support from all of us. The other recepient of lots of cash will be Michael Moore himself.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the guy's work, but what a fucking hypocrite. He's always berating the "activist" community for being too insular, for not reaching out to mainstream America. But who is he going to reach out to with this event? Think there will be many people of color there? Or working class folks? Maybe, but I bet it will primarily be white, middle and upper-class, liberal, literate types. And what organizations will be there? Maybe more primarily white, middle class, established organizations who can afford to drop 100 dollars to reach out to people just like them.

This sounds like exactly what Michael Moore preaches against.
whatever... 16.Sep.2003 10:54


The guy spends so much time and energy that this charge is less then it takes to cover expenses for the tour.

If you're making less than the value of your labor, your still prolitariat.
If you're making more, your a capitalist.

Mike still falls in the Prolitariat category.

Tho not always 16.Sep.2003 11:01

fruite bat

Michael Moore has done many many free events in this area. Recently for free in Seattle in a little Shoreline Community Center.

He's not getting any of my money 16.Sep.2003 11:12


I wouldn't give him one red cent.

but . . . 16.Sep.2003 12:22


Hey DJ--

Maybe you should round up a bunch of your shadow pals and get down there to represent whatever it is you represent. Bitching and whining and criticizing and complaining is all fine and good, but you'll have a much greater impact if you actually show-up, don't you think?

And by the way, just what the fuck is wrong with being literate?

Get Real 16.Sep.2003 13:01

North Portlander

$20 gets you a good seat with accomodations for the disabled as well. I wish the tickets didn't have to be purchased through Ticketmaster, but PSU obviously decided that they didn't have the man- (or woman-) power to handle it in another way. Try to find ANY major event that doesn't make you purchase tickets through an agency. Most of the recent events in the Coliseum or the Rose Quarter have been MUCH more costly on a per ticket basis and, as others have pointed out, Moore has participated in many free events in the past.

Free Admission 16.Sep.2003 14:42


If you turn-in a gun - you should be let in for free.

Give your money fools 16.Sep.2003 14:48

El Perro

Hey Michael Moore is just making money, like a god ol american. He might even arrive in his spanking new Hummer. I see this guy as just making money of causes that are really controversial. He copy the ideas from other projects ( with his bad journalism) and make $$$. Better spend the $20.00 supporting locar art ( like the TBA presentations) or donating to a mosque. By the way what does this man stand for stupid. Educate yourself .

jau jau

PSU 16.Sep.2003 21:54

A Viking

All PSU events are done thru Ticketmaster. They even have a ticket window in the SMSU

Can Someone Speak Up About Wesley Clark Please? 16.Sep.2003 22:25


I urge anyone reading this who is going to either a) ask a question during Q & A about why Moore is spreading the corporate media lie that Wesley Clark is anti-war, or b), copy the Wesley Clark info that's all over these past few threads on here and pass it out - including to Michael Moore!

Has Moore reversed his position yet? His email is full so I couldn't send any message. I've heard it's always full, so is unusable.

No recant so far on his site.

It's up to Little Beirut to educate Michael Moore!

tickets 17.Oct.2003 18:44


Argh, dose anyone have 2 tickets I can buy? He is sold out, I had no idea he was coming to the paramount until a week ago. Any help would be much appreciated!

Moore Money 22.Oct.2003 14:52

Uncle Ted

While not agreeing with ALL of DJ's comments... I have to agree that supporting the monopolistic Ticketmaster is just plain-ass wrong and is a subject that Mr Moore SHOULD take on. My working-class family would have gone to the show if not for the extra changes imposed by Ticketmaster. I can't beleive that you can't buy tix for this event WITHOUT paying their fees... but after calling the venue and being told as much... oh well... I'll keep watching his movies and buying his books.

Not Entirely Correct 23.Oct.2003 23:06

Ross rossm@pdx.edu

That's not entirely true, anyone willing to flash a student id could buy a ticket for five bucks. I went to see what Moore had to say and was not overly impressed--it was, after all, a book promotion tour. The one nice thing about it was being in a large room with ten thousand liberal Bush-haters.