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Newest Zeig Heil Photo

When is shrub ever going to learn?
Zeig Heil!
Zeig Heil!
The only reason I can think of, as he is not THAT ignorant, is that he must like "saluting" us, asking for the answering response. Does anyone have any pictures of the audience at these fund-raisers (this is from his September 12th appearance at the "Mississippi Coliseum" in support of Republican candidate for Governor, Haley Barbour)? I wonder if anyone ever salutes him back?

What? 16.Sep.2003 14:41

Dr. Evil

The German expression is "Sieg Heil". There is no such expression as "Zeig Heil". I presume that is the context that you are looking for.

Tips Hat the the Evil One 16.Sep.2003 17:57

Dark Shadow

Of course Dr. Eeeee-vil would know.

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha... bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha... hehe, hehe, hehe.

What is this? 07.Mar.2005 13:33

I've heard this before, but don't know what it means... travis_13_barker@yahoo.com

What is Zeig Heil?

zeig heil 09.Apr.2005 08:25


the phrase "zeig heil" can be heard on the greenday song "holiday". that is how i kno of the phrase.
most of the greenday songs are politics related.

zeig hail means 29.Apr.2005 11:42


the meaning of zieg heil (note the correct spelling) is hail victory. It is not a evil pharse like most people think which is similar to the swastika before the nazi used it,the catholic church used it as the symbol of god. its true meaning is life and good luck. open your eyes to the true world

It's Sieg Heil 02.May.2005 15:22


Zeig Heil is not in the German language, but Zeig Heil is, meaing Victory Welfare

-source: Google Translater

confused 20.Jun.2005 20:53


sooo let me get this straight... it is spelt sieg heil and it means hail victory?? and the german nazi's used this term, correct?

zieg heil explained 20.Nov.2005 17:25


sieg heil: military welfare in german
zieg heil: hail victory, not evil term, although used by nazi, was also used by catholics, as a phrase for God(probably why the nazi used the phrase in the first place)
zieg heil is also the way it is spelt in the Green Day song Holiday, zeig heil doesn't mean anything, as it is the incorrect spelling

i forgot to add... 20.Nov.2005 17:30


btw, i forgot: whover anon is really got the whole title wrong, therefore confusing whoever reads this page
most of the american idiot songs are politics related (sorry, but being a fan i just had to correct it)

zieg heil 21.Dec.2005 18:56


just wanted to add..the swastika was first used by buddhists..not christians..and only the new green day songs are about politics (new green day = crappy green day)..it is pathetic that the only place you have heard an imfamous history term is in a song..just tought i would put that out there

Zeig heil 11.Jan.2006 14:31

Green Day Luva

Zeig heil is found in the song Holiday by Green Day and is simply German for Show welfare.

What about Green Day? 03.Jun.2006 12:08

Billie Joe Fangirl

So, what about when Billie Joe used it in the song"Holiday" and what meaning did he use?

What about Green Day? 08.Jun.2006 13:08

Green Day Junkie

I believe Billie Joe was trying to convey the side of Zieg Heil that everyone associates with Hitler, his dilusions of grandure and world domination. He's trying to tell us that this type of "evil" exists even today and if you look around with open eyes, you'll see the people in government that would warrant a Zieg Heil due to their similarities to a domination frame of mind. Billie Joe is using this saying in the worst possible way to get across the best possible message to those of us who listen. Don't just "salute", open your mind, if you're not pissed... YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!

DEAR VOTERS! 16.Jul.2006 15:37

cbra cbra958687@aol.com

-------------Dear Voters, When we take the time and make an effort to do our civic duty by being informed on the candidates of our choosing and then vote for them, then why do we not request the extra step in being assured that our votes went for the persons whom we voted for? The voting systems have changed over the many years and it is time that we voters come away from the voting both with the maximum confidence that our duty turns out to be as honest as it can be. Getting a paper trail as an indication of who our votes went for instead of just hoping our votes will be counted will be a good assurance knowing this and also a means of recounting the votes/voters. We are already hearing about areas where there may be a shortage of voting machines, which will cause voters to stand in long lines again just as they did in Ohio. I approve this message and wrote it myself.