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Dean Flushes himself down the tubes with HBO flap!

HBO actors coach Howard on his one-liners he used at the debate.
A photo is worth a 1000 words, so instead me explaining it just go to foxnews.com (yes, foxnews) and watch the video under the caption "Dean's straight talk in Question".

In a nutshell, this line that Dean delivered about Trent Lott being MLK, well Dean got it from an HBO TV show. Its on film of Dean being coached by two of the actors.

Oh well, I guess we can always try again in 2008...
shocking! 16.Sep.2003 23:44

I can't believe it's not butter

What's next? Actors running for congress? governor? president?

Seems like someone forgot the massive coaching Bush has received since 1999. Why, in just 4 short years his reading has gone from a third grade level to a fifth grade level. Of course, he still can't string 2 words together without a script in front of him. Considering Dean's success, maybe the Bush campaign should look up those HBO actors. They don't have anything to lose at this point...

Ah, only from faux news... Without it, think of all the republicans that we would have to deal with who have been safely and securely lulled to sleep; content and confident from the constant reassurance of the invincibility of their beloved leader.

... and outrageous! 17.Sep.2003 04:34


Imagine: a politician delivering a line that someone else wrote!

Dean's quip was not only witty, but true. ANYONE could have said it! With this, Dean is surely washed up.

At least Dubya gets his lines from sources that are KNOWN to be false - statements that appear to be unique (and oh-so-residential) because no one with any integrity or common sense would dare duplicate them.

FOX "news" 17.Sep.2003 16:50

Once again

It delivers the unbiased truth.

FOX news is my GOD