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'Vietnam: Here's Those Little Cocksuckers'

the President, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, John Connally, 3:04 p.m., May 4, 1972 [just prior to mining of Haiphong Harbor May 8], Executive Office Building conversation 334-44. as heard on the tape, the President thumped his desk as he pointed to an imaginary—or perhaps real—map on it:
EXACT VERBATIM TAPE TRANSCRIPTION—asterisks indicate italics

Vietnam: Here's those little cocksuckers right in there, here they are. (Thump) Here's the United States (thump). Here's Western (thump) Europe, that *cocky* little place that's caused so much devastation . . . Here's the (thump) silly Africans . . . And (thump) the not-quite-so-silly Latin Americans. Here *we* are. They're taking on the United States. Now, goddamit, we're gonna *do* it. We're going to *cream* them. This is not in anger or anything. This old business, that I'm "petulant," that's all bullshit. I should have done it long ago, I just didn't follow my instincts.

. . . I'll see that the United States does not lose. I'm putting it quite bluntly. I'll be quite precise. South Vietnam may lose. But the United States *cannot* lose. Which means, basically, I have made the decision. Whatever happens to South Vietnam, we are going to *cream* North Vietnam.

. . . For once, we've got to use the maximum power of this country . . . against this *shit-ass* little country: to win the war. We can't use the word, "win." But others can.
two-bit nations 16.Sep.2003 08:41


And RMN spawn will get Iraq just as successfully.

The United States in rapidly moving to "third world" status-- fully under its own power