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Well Connected--Find Out Who Owns Your Local Media!

Curious about who owns your local media, telephone and cable company? This searchable database contains basic information on every radio and television station in America as well as every cable television system and telephone company. You may search by company, by call sign or by area. Searchers will find basic information on some of the most important telecommunication companies, including a brief corporate profile and basic financial information.

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The three largest local phone companies control 83 percent of home telephone lines. The top two long distance carriers control 67 percent of that market. The four biggest cellular phone companies have 64 percent of the wireless market. The five largest cable companies pipe programming to 74 percent of the cable subscribers nationwide. Those findings come from the Center for Public Integrity's unprecedented examination of the telecommunications industry, the centerpiece of which is a first-of-its-kind, 65,000 record, searchable database  http://www.openairwaves.org/telecom/analysis/default.aspx containing ownership information on virtually every radio station, television station, cable television system and telephone company in America.

This dataset also includes all industry sponsored trips by FCC officials between May 1995 and March 2003.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.openairwaves.org/telecom/
address: address: Well Connected -- The Center for Public Integrity

Interesting 16.Sep.2003 09:47


It's interesting to see that a lot more radio stations aren't owned by big conglomerates than I would have thought, and that ClearChannel doesn't have such a big presence here. Yet.