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Watch Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election
This documentary, put together by our friends at LA Indymedia Center, will be on of the most disturbing things you have seen about America. The bottom line of the movie is that Bush is an election stealing asshole. Go to amazon.com, spend a few bucks, and buy it. Then pass it around to all your friends. It will be worth it and it will make you work your ass off to re-defeat Bush in 2004.
good luck 15.Sep.2003 21:46


see title.

RE: elections, voting 15.Sep.2003 22:04

click links

Diebold Voting Machine Controversy in Ohio

Stop Bu$h From Stealing the 2004 Election

Democracy Now! on Electronic Voting Machines--
Russian dictator Joseph Stalin once said: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

As millions of voters prepare to use electronic voting machines for the first time we take a look at the companies selling these machines and their ties to the Bush administration. We speak with reporter Julie Carr Smyth and author Bev Harris.

The Voting-Machine Industrial Complex--
Electronic voting machines are simply the final nail in the people's coffin. The comatose electorate rests silently as the hammer of authoritarianism falls.

another 2 movies you need to watch 16.Sep.2003 00:30

Take Back The Media!

GRAND THEFT AMERICA 16.Sep.2003 00:48

eric blumrich

do not miss this one, and send it to everyone you know

fish-friendly 16.Sep.2003 11:03

fruite bat

Finding Nemo!