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Cowlitz Indian Tribe is an “Environmentally Responsible Community,” not so.

The Cowlitz Indian Tribe is not at all Environmentally friendly by their own actions.
Cowlitz Indian Tribe is an "Environmentally Responsible Community," not so. The refusal by the Chairman to let members have access to the recorded General Council meeting of June 2003, where the chairman was condemning the Environmental Groups, and the response by half of the members attending the meeting cheering him on, is not by any standard one could call living up to protecting the Environment like what our Ancestors did many years ago before the Europeans arrived to Turtle Inland. The symbol of the tribe, is that of the salmon, but when someone made a comment about what is going down on the Klamath Lake or the fish kill-off on the Klamath River the response is that the Klamath farmers needed the water, and other tribes need not apply concerning their salmon runs. I have seen the results of the lowered water levels on the Klamath lake, where the Klamath Tribes Sucker Fish is dying from the algae caused by low levels of oxygen in the lake but this doesn't matter to the Cowlitz People. The tribal office in Longview is at best a front for continued clear cut logging in the Pacific Northwest. They realize but do not care if the spawning runs are filled in by clear cutting a forest and when the rains come and the silt starts covering the gravel and the salmon can't spawn. They think they are environmentally responsible people in clear cutting any forest. The tribes secretary clear cut her own property 10 years ago in Oregon, not giving any thought to what might be coming after the rains start and the silt starts flowing into the creeks in her area, killing spawning grounds of the Salmon, or other fish for nothing but money. The tribes dealings with the corn farmer and his family dumping anything into the Cowlitz River means nothing to the tribe. The tribe doesn't care about the Ancestors Spirits floating through the River where the corn farmer and his brother uses the river for a dump. That is what the tribe thinks and yet they refer to themselves as being Environmentally responsible people. They say they honor Earth Mother, but their actions speak volumes in the other direction. The corn farmer in Toledo plants the same crop every year, which means he has to deep plow the 1500 acre corn farm. Since all of the natural elements are gone, he has to use chemicals to replace what he has taken away in planting the same crop year after year. This activity is right next to the Cowlitz River and will leak into the Cowlitz River and enter into the food chain through the fish coming up river during the spawning time. Just one of the byproducts from the use of chemicals is mercury. Do you really think this stuff goes away? I would almost bet that the corn farmer in Toledo uses "GE" corn seed, it yields more corn per acre and ends up in Chehalis at a processing plant. The use of the Fish as it's symbol is an affront to what the meaning is to the tribe and their stance on the Environment. They could care less about the Fish or wildlife if it comes in the way of logging off the forests for nothing but money. They only see c;ear cutting and nothing better get in the way. Yet, through all of this smoke screening one can follow their actions by looking at the clear cutting going on by the Chairman of the tribe. He represents the true feelings of the tribe concerning the Environment, about the Ancestors or any other tribe in this region. Sure, they call themselves Environmentalist, but the reality is the opposite when you study their actions. Just how are they trying to kid.
Question 15.Sep.2003 21:11

Poster Boy

Are there other Tribal Members who share your concerns?

identify yourself 15.Sep.2003 21:21


grey wolf: are you part of a cointelpro misinformation campaign or someone trying to tell the truth? if you are so concerned about getting the truth out, why can't you go public, give your true name, rally the public and media and start a proper campaign?

listening to the coyote 15.Sep.2003 21:24

Earth First!

Greywolf I commend you for having the courage to stand up on this issue and make people aware. Please continue to post information on areas specifically being impacted. This will be a chance for NW EF!ers to work with and support Native efforts to protect the Mother. The same thing was happening in Southern Oregon. Some tribal members down there thought timber under the tribes control should be used to generate cash money. Other members thought the land and it's resources should be preserved. The BIA was administering the logging contracts.

Please continue to make others aware. Thank you. -Efer!

to: Listening to the coyote 15.Sep.2003 22:28

Tribal Member graywolf@fastermac.net

As the story might go concerning the word "coyote" in Indian Country, the coyote was called the trek'sers. Are you one of them or are you interested in finding out the truth. Please stay tuned to what I will be writing about concerning my tribe, you might learn something. I could put up images showing you just what I am writing about it that will help you understand just what I am writing about.

poster boy 15.Sep.2003 22:38

Tribal Member garywol@fastermac.net

You ask me to identify myself. Well if that is what you want poster boy, my name is Gray Wolf. Not that I have identified my why don't you do the sameinstead of hiding behind "poster boy." Get a life.

Dammit, u.g. 16.Sep.2003 01:05

About to be drunk

A friend and I have a drinking game, based on how fast anybody here uses the term "COINTELPRO" when they hear news they don't like. Now I have to chug a whole fifth of tequila. Thanks.

about to be drunk 16.Sep.2003 13:05


kuddos, i can take a hell of a punch. you got me. i'm laughing my ass off. cointelpro, shmoimtelpro--who's got the drugs?

as a journalist, i look forward to more from gray wolf. he/she will continue to educate us...or not. meantime, my concern is enough to do some digging on my own...

seriously, wouldn't you rather be drunk on tequila that anything else?

tequila tract cleaner
1. one jigger of lime
2. 1/5 of tequila
3. lifetime of oppression
4. good sense to question
5. dash of hope

digest quickly. find stable crouching position at a fresh bowl. have someone hold your hair while you puke.

wrong information 24.Sep.2003 20:49

tribal member

This person "graywolf", comes from a sect of highly dysfunctional people, who pride themselves in slanderous untruths and make fools of themselves time after time. They have no shame.

Wrong info ha! 03.Oct.2003 16:57

Tribal Member graywolf@fastermac.net

It seems apparent that those in the tribe worked in the timber industry, now state I am wrong. Go figure those who raped our Mother Earth for money!

real names 31.Jan.2004 09:42

Dark Sky

Dear friends and writers, I am here to say that Gray Wolf is the man's chosen name. In our world we are allowed to choose what we desire to be called if our family cannot decide on our name.

But I am not here to defend names, I am here on behalf of all the so called dys-functionals in my tribe. So naturally I will be put in that catregory. Worse things have been done to me/us.

What Gray Wolf is saying is not far from reality. My biggest concern right now is being sued by the richest man in the tribe for doing what I am doing right here, writing.

Respectfully submitted.
Dark Sky

Help 25.Sep.2004 11:41

Looking for the Truth

I'm looking for anyone who is related to Mary Kiona of the Cowlitz Tribe. If i remember right her grand or great granddaughter wrote here at one time about getting into the Cowlitz tribe and having trouble. Just have a few questions about that.