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Georgy Will on Howard Dean

George shows his fear
In the Oregonian today, Geaorge F. Will accused Howard Dean of being a Panderer. He started out by saying that People who run for office are all panderers. He then narrowed it down to the Democrats running for office. Then, after a convouluted series of paragraphs full of empty verbage, he came to the real point of his screed, Howard Dean. Howard Dean is, of course, a panderer because he has gotten such an early, and strong start.

What I think this really is is an effort to pre-emptively sling mud in order to erode the base of a strong threat to The Weeds power. George Will's masters sicced the dog on the obvious front runner.

George F. Will is hardly speaking from the morale high groung. It has been clear for a long time that he, and his ilk, will resort to any means to defend their position. Nasty as those means are, (Shades of Richard Nixon and CREEP). Beware, the mongrels are on the loose, (ORielly, Limbaugh, etc/)