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imperialism & war

Look at this...

incredible 15.Sep.2003 17:26


Reposting for convenience.
sieg heil!
sieg heil!

wow 15.Sep.2003 17:49


thats pretty scary

oooooooh-- 15.Sep.2003 18:12

scaaa-a-a-ry . . .


sieg heil
sieg heil
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising

While You're at it 15.Sep.2003 22:40

Annoy.com again!!!

1st pic is fake 15.Sep.2003 23:03


i don't know about the others, but that 1st pic is fake.....i've seen the proof elsewhere. but then again, who cares?

no, but there is a similar fake picture 15.Sep.2003 23:43

life imitates art

I think there is a similar picture where Bush in a Hitler-esque pose was superimposed on a field of flags. I guess that was a waste of time for the author since Bush was more than happy to do the picture himself. If this picture is fake, someone should really notify yahoo news; I'm sure they would want to know.

Wow 16.Sep.2003 07:51


Wow, how clever. I'm going to go jerk off in the washroom now, I'm so excited.

Here is an actual picture. 16.Sep.2003 20:38