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Learn to Dumpster Tonite at Red and Black

Where: The Red and Black, 22nd and Division
When: 7:30PM
What: Videos from the Resistance
We throw out more food and other material in this country each day than you can believe. Entire countries could eat on the food we waste. Forests would be spared if not for the paper and wood we toss into the trash. Sick of how wasteful Americans are? Want to learn a sustainability skill that will provide resources for your family while recycling this waste? Come to the Red and Black tonight and learn to dumpster. The pdx indy video collective will present the first in a series on dumpstering. Dumpstering 101 follows the collective in the quest for video supplies, including cases for their videos. It will introduce you to the fine art of dumpstering by focusing on basic skills, including what you will need, what to avoid, dumpster ettiquette, and how to tell if food is still edible.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos, including Intermediate and Advanced Dumpstering, which will cover more complex issues such as dumpster security and where to find good, appetizing food. Following that, there will be a special edition Vegetarian Dumpster Cooking video. These vids are in production now and will be announced when they are completed. Until then, come to the show tonite to learn the basics.
And so much more! 15.Sep.2003 19:52

rsklnkv rsklnkv@houseofthedead.org

Interesting. Diving can also be a great source for those of you interested in network/computer security. Years ago, most corporations were a little less cautious, though even today you might find some interesting tidbits. Keyword (that I've had success with) is Nimbus, in Beaverton.

This link, though warning people of the 'danger' of discarded materials, is also a good tutorial regarding what one might theoretically look for:)

Dumpster Diving

Here's a little hacker how-to as well :

Dumpster Diving - One Man's Trash...

Keep in mind that most of the time this is completely legal, as waste becomes public domain of sorts. Watch yourselves, though. I've been tresspassed in the past, and most security guards are hip to the deal these days, considering there are so many DANGEROUS HACKERS OH MY! running around. Here's a little legal stuff to wrap things up :

Dan's trashy Page

See you in the dumpsters!

Much Respect. 15.Sep.2003 20:21


I do not in any way mean to undermine what you are doing Videista! i really hope my previous comment is taken as info rather than conflict. I admire what you are doing this evening.


will you make this video more available? 02.Sep.2004 22:12

rob pash raandrace@yahoo.com

i would love to see this video on dumpster diving. i'm not going to make it to portland ( i live in los angeles.) if you have any info on how i can get my hands on this video, i'd love to screen it in l.a.

please contact me at  raandrace@yahoo.com


-rob pash


rob can anyone really use these dumpsters? 26.Mar.2005 08:04

lauren lavitt laurenfann@yahoo.com

rob, is this truth? i would like to more + is there snugagyielets allowed as well ?