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US Air Force subliminal broadcasting

US Air Force subliminal broadcasting
Interesting article on US Air Force use of subliminal broadcasting with the EC-130E aircraft:


homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/AirForcesubliminal

LOL 15.Sep.2003 15:26


Very funny site. My complements to the author.

What's funny about it? 16.Sep.2003 11:39


It has an email from a public affairs person in the military which appears to confirm the existance of this system, which no one else is writing about. That screen shot looks suspiciously strange, but what if it's legit? Nothing funny about it.

It is funny 16.Sep.2003 15:55


Because I used to fly on those aircraft, but that's not the real reason I found this site hilarious.

The supposed "E-Mail" has a lot of typos, corrections and quite frankly it looks like someone poured whiteout all over it. Also an Air force PAO would never just say "Oh yea, we have that system aboard, it's classified. so what?" in a return e-mail. Because in all likelyhood the PAO wouldn't even have access to this type of equipment or knowledge.

If the e-mail is authentic, it's a gross violation of military regulations for him to respond as he did. In fact, in all my time in the military (20+ years) I've never seen a violation of this type, and I used to work with classified material all the time.

The author of this site and posting is taking you for a ride. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck chances are it is.
That's why I fould this funny.

BTW. I did mail the link to a FSO I flew with and he returned e-mailed me stating this made it to the crew ready room bulletin board with the headline "IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?"