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9.11 investigation

"Impeach the Terrorists! Rallies, marches, events in SF

Description of rallies, marches, events in the Bay Area between September 6-11th, 2003.
At Senator Feinstein's Office
At Senator Feinstein's Office
"Impeach the Terrorists!" Review of Events in San Francisco 9/6- 9/11

While the number of 9-11 skeptics continues to grow worldwide, in the Bay Area, efforts to draw attention to the failures in the official narrative and to reveal the truth about 9-11 have become more diffuse than concentrated. Small events, screenings, forums continue to abound over a wide geographic area, a strong, concentrated alliance of committed activists has yet to emerge. Last year the All People's Coalition organized rallies and marches under the theme "Bush Did It!" and a large, lively contingent of people, complete with the incomparable Brass Liberation Orchestra marched from the Panhandle down Haight Street to the 9-11 Power to the Peaceful Concert in Golden Gate Park. This year's "Impeach the Terrorists!" marches and rallies drew fewer people and almost no organizational support- except for the 9-11 Truth Alliance, and the Center for Democratic Change.

On September 6th, at the monument dedicated to President McKinley (and budding U.S. Imperialism in 1903, just over one hundred years ago), the statue of an enormous woman wielding a leaf and a sword was the backdrop to the Deception Dollar banner, emblazoned with the new graffiti "Impeach the Terrorists!" About thirty people, many mothers with babies and small children gathered, and in a very friendly, cooperative manner, figured out the logistics of their two mile march, up Baker Street, to Haight Street, and across Golden Gate Park. Loudly they chanted "Hey ho, hey, ho, the Bush Regime has got to go!" "Whose the biggest terrorists in the world today? Bush, Cheney and the C.I.A." "Impeach the Terrorists, Impeach Bush!" passing out flyers and Deception Dollars to the supportive observers along the way. At the 5th annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful Free Concert and Social Justice Rally, over 30,000 people attended and the 9-11 activists passed out thousands of flyers, the 9-11 table was very popular and the issues championed were finally echoed by the main speakers on stage.

On September 11, 2003, the first of the million Deception Dollar Issue #6 were picked up from the printer, to be distributed at the rally at the Federal Building, about fifty people came (unfortunately the sound system didn't quite make it), there were lots of conversations, but speeches were mercifully short within the limits of blowhorns; there were lots of signs, and enough energy to turn the rally into a march, and carry the message through the streets, to the public, and elected officials at Senator Feinstein's office. The Deception Dollars were especially popular with the employees at the Federal Building and unsolicited handfuls of money were offered to those passing out the bills. The "unpermitted march" took a lane on Turk Street before a policewoman persuaded us to opt for the sidewalks, which actually probably was safer. The police presence was greatest at Feinstein's building, where we couldn't even go inside, a staff member met with us on the sidewalk and gave us a couple of press releases which reflected Feinstein's "public positions." We passed on to her our statements, as well as a sample of the petitions for impeachment we have been collecting, and the open letter to the U.S. embassy in Berlin, to the members of the U.S. government, to the German Chancellery and to officers of the Ruropean Union that came out of the "Unanswered Questions - Demanding Answers" conference held in Berlin, September 7, 2003.

I have marched on Feinstein's office on many occasions and have never held great hopes that she would ever come around to sharing my points of view. She did sign on to a bill on September 9th requiring the White House to submit a detailed report to Congress on the situation in Iraq within 60 days. While that was, perhaps, a move in a better direction ( though frankly given a choice between national facism or transnational facism, I would choose neither), her speech on 9-11 was infuriating to me. She praised the PATRIOT Act (we have passed local resolutions to repeal it). She went along with the official "narrative," the myth about the 19 hijackers, and went on to push for new legislation in the areas of bioterrorism, border security, visa entry provisions, port security, echoing the "terrorist threat" to justify ever greater powers to the state and push for the creation of a Director of National Intelligence. She also said,

"I am pleased that the joint inquiry report included the creation of a Director of National Intelligence as one of its recommendations. I am also pleased that Senator Graham of Florida has made this one of the provisions in his bill implementing the report's major recommendations."

Here is the letter I wrote for Senator Feinstein-

Senator Feinstein,

In January 2002, I led a delegation to march on your office, to meet with your staff, and to demand an investigation of 9-11. We raised a number of questions, and I presented your staff with several inches of articles, highlighting reasons for our concerns about the events of that day. Your staff said that you had the same information that I had, but a different worldview, and that you believed in Bush.

I do not believe in Bush or in his policies, and it has been apparent to the world for some time that he has been lying on a number of occasions to serve his own interests, and the interests of transnational corporations, at the expense of the vast majority of people and planet in Afghanistan, Iraq, Colombia, Venezuela, the United States and many other countries throughout the world.

In the wake of our meeting with you, Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the investigation of 9-11 to basically- why the C.I.A. failed, and how the C.I.A. could justify an increase in their budget to prevent future terrorist attacks. Adding insult to injury the investigation was to be overseen by Ex-CIA Snider, so that Congress could concentrate on the "War on Terrorism." What the heads of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committtee, managed to avoid investigating was why they were meeting with the "money man behind 9-11" (Head of Pakistani Intelligence, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad- who sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, whom the F.B.I. identified as the lead terrorist in the attack on the World Trade Center) on the very morning of the attack.

Nor has the appointment of Henry Kissinger and now, Thomas Kean, assured anyone that an investigation dedicated to finding the truth would ever officially occur. Both Kissinger and Kean have financial conflicts of interest and should be investigated for their own roles in 9-11. Our People's Investigation of 9-11 has led me to believe, along with a growing number of other concerned people that 9-11 was an "inside job," carried out with the cooperation and assistance from the highest levels of the U.S. government, an act of treason, as well as a crime against humanity, in order to further the agenda of a tiny elite who aim to control the oil and drug resources of Afghanistan and Iraq, and terrorize the country, and world into going along with their agenda.

I sincerely believe that the best hope for the country and the world is to expose this crime and hold those responsible accountable. On the streets of San Francisco, the message I am seeing is- "Impeach Bush," "Restore Democracy." The theme of our rally at the Federal Building today was "Impeach the Terrorists!" Not only was 9-11 a special operation, but it was a sloppy one; critical examination of the evidence will persuade most people and a court of law that the real terrorists are occupying the White House and it is our responsibility, as citizens, to rein them in before they commit even worse crimes.

I hope you will bring this to the attention of the Senate.


Carol Brouillet

That evening, the documentary by GNN- Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9-11 was shown at the Parkway Theatre to a full house (175 people), followed by a public dialogue with Guerrilla News Network producer, Ian Inaba, journalist Joyce Lynn, and myself. Offhand, I would say that all of the audience was convinced that the U.S. orchestrated or allowed 9-11 to happen to further White House interests. There was also a showing of Michael Ruppert's The Truth and Lies About 9-11 and another event at the Humanist Hall with a large number of speakers. We arrived at the Humanist Hall late; it was packed. Jim Hoffman was presenting visual evidence that explosives were used to bring down the World Trade Center. The presentations were short, powerful, and provocative. Of particular interest to me was a video presentation, message from scientist A. K. Dewdney, who had done extensive research on cell phone calls and concluded that the alleged cell phone calls were bogus/faked/impossible and proposed an entirely new thesis to explain what actually happened on 9-11 which he called "Operation Pearl" ( http://www.physics911.org/911/index.php/articles/2). I had read his work and was impressed by it, but it's good to see and hear the voice behind the text which appears on a computer screen- to better evaluate the information. With so many speakers and questions and answers, the event lasted until past eleven and the conversations continued beyond midnight.

Most other 9-11 events- in New Hampshire, Toronto, New York, Germany, reported full houses, tremendous public interest, and there were a smattering of breakthroughs into the alternative and mainstream press. I continue to believe that 9-11 is the Achilles Heel of the Global Elite and that exposing it could bust the "War Game" once and for all, helping us to shift human energies from killing and controlling people and planet to nurturing healthy relationships between all life. I believe "impeachment" the most peaceful, hopeful solution to the criminal regime seeking global dominance at the moment.

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