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Letters to editor by 6th graders re: Zoobomber bike theft incident

I explained the Zoobomber bike incident to my 4th and 6th grade social studies classes. From there, we discussed the various options open to the Zoobombers, which included awaking the general populace as to what's going on around them. My 6th graders came up with the following letter, which we're sending to the "Oregonian," "Willamette Week" and "Mercury."
To the Editor: We heard from our teacher about a very weird incident involving a peaceful group of bike riders and the "PoPos"! A Portland and Beaverton police officer impounded fifteen "Zoobomber" bikes that were locked on a bike rack at SW 10th and Oak Street, claiming that the bikes were an "obstruction." We always thought that bike racks were for bikes, but that's just us. We also learned that the police threatened the bikers with a taser just for asking why the bikes were being taken. We've always been told that we live in a democracy, but this doesn't sound very democratic...
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