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max incident

Got on the back of the train at "pioneer place" the end of the WTO demonstration this afternoon. Train was jammed with people near the door but I noticed plenty of seating at the back upstairs. Being worn out and generally lazy I pushed my way upstairs for a seat and found out why it wasn't full up there. Two young intelectual types were in a heated arguement with a middle aged african american lady. Apparently she asked a young woman why she had a mask- the girl replied something about the police videotaping people and she said "So?" and then the issue of "death squads" was brought up. The kids were all over the fact that this lady didn't know what "death squads" were. Would not back off The girl was sitting, her friend was standing in the aisle attempting to smash the poor lady intellectually with his words. They wouldn't back off until they provoked the lady into jumping up and hitting the girl at the rose quarter stop, at which point the girl starts yelling that she wants the police to come, etc.. I'm pretty upset by this and call the kids some names (I think I called you trust fund babies.) and follow the lady and her companion off the train to lend what support I could. Besides, I don't want to be around when the cops show up.

So this lady is so upset shes about ready to faint, (really) and we have to sit for a while before she's got her wits about her. Thanks me and goes off to her bus stop. Why don't you put your energy into speaking out against the madmen running the country or at the least tossing a trash can through a McDonalds window rather than valiantly battling a 95 pound middle aged black lady on the train. You did hurt her more than she hurt you and I hope youre satisfied. [ Read More ]