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Inside the secret society of the Cowlitz People (AKA) Tribal Council.

We have 21 sets on tribal council and those sets are held by three families, all of which do not have 1/16 Cowlitz Blood or none at all since council, during a general council meeting with those whom vote for what ever council puts forth in passing because the other members were unable to attend that meeting. Just about every council meeting taking place at St. Marry's is not revealed to General Council. No one seems to know what is discussed at these meeting because those on tribal council are sworn to secrecy and not allowed to discuss anything with anyone who wants answers.

Of those working at St. Marry's, there are three non-indians there. And they put forth their religious beliefs when working with and for tribal members. Meaning they personally think our Indian ways are heathen, just as the Europeans did when they arrived on Turtle Inland a few centuries ago. We had are own religion, but the Europeans thought our religion was wrong and we were, in thier minds heathens, devil worshipers, just because we weren't Christians like them. And they wanted the land we lived on since the beginning of time. Indian Peoples through out Turtle Inland were killed in the name of their god simply because we practiced our beliefs, believing in the Great Greater who entrusted our People in the preservation on Earth Mother and they wanted the land to divide up for themselves. [ Read More ] [ Up coming Pow Wow for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe | Cowlitz Indian Tribe is like what Pine Ridge was in the 1970's but with no Rez. ]