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Up coming Pow Wow for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Boycott the Pow Wow next month for the Tribes leadership concerning the Envirnment
Dateline Toledo, Washington Next month the Cowlitz tribe will be holding a Pow Wow in Toledo and I am asking that everyone Boycott the Pow Wow due to the Tribe's stance on the Environment. The leadership owns an operates a timber company and condemns Environmental Groups. They do not Honor the Ancestors and this is just a front for the tribe following Traditional ways. They has let Europeans decide matters concerning Ancestors on private property and removing the remains without any thought about ever returning the remains back to Earth Mother. If you go, protest about the tribe's stance on the Environment, let them know that you do not support their stance concerning Environmental Matters.
Politics not allowed at Powwow, but Prayers are 02.Oct.2003 02:46

Teri, Powwow Committee Member Teri_medic@hotmail.com

Graywolf, my spirit cries for you. Do you not know that your words are wrong? Do you not know that at a Powwow, the People are praying for their People? Do you not know that by "boycotting" or "protesting" the Powwow that it doesn't affect those that you desire it to affect? Do you realize that those at the Powwow are the ones that are traditional, cultural, and environmentally aware?

Do you know the hours of volunteer work dedicated to the Powwow by both Cowlitz, Indian brothers & sisters & non-Indian people? Where were you, when we were selling T-shirts, Pendleton Raffle tickets, sitting at a rest stop & taking donations for our coffee & cookies, working the bake sale, making tobacco ties? Where were you? Where were you as we met monthly preparing?

How can you call yourself a Cowlitz Brother? Our Traditions have been taken away, and we strive to keep what we have... Granted, a Powwow is not a Salish Tradition, but Potlatching is... Dancing is... Singing is... Drumming is... and ESPECIALLY Prayer is... Brother, I hope you come to the Powwow.... I hope you see the Dancers as they "pray" to the Creator, I hope you hear the Singers/Drummers ... I hope you hear the emotions & desires as they "pray" to the Creator with their beautiful voices... They pray for you, they pray for us, they pray for our People, they pray for Grandmother Earth.... They pray for HEALING of all our Indian People. I hope to see you dance ... I hope to see you sing... I hope to see a tear in your eye as we Honor the Veterans, Our Warriors. As they come home (mentally & spiritually) to a home that loves them and appreciates them ... I hope to see you stand Proud as a Cowlitz and sing the Cowlitz Honor song.... Stand Proud and Honor our Ancestors... our People...

You & I may or may not agree with some of the Leadership of our Tribe, but this is not the place to bring it... the Politics are not allowed... but ALL People are welcome to celebrate & pray with us.

My dear Brother, I Honor you and your words, I Honor you that I don't use your Christian name.... I Honor that you write words and make our People ask questions, for knowledge is very powerful.... but my Brother, I understand that you are hurting & you are in need of some Healing... I hope to see you at the Powwow..... and if not, I'll still send some prayers up to Great Spirit...

All my relations,
Teri Graves-Trcka

graywolf is incorrect... 02.Oct.2003 17:34

kari cowlitz princess...

Graywolf your thinking in wrong when you say that the cowlitz tribe is holding a pow wow when the truth is that the pow wow i seperate group of people, some of whom are cowlitz and some who are not. The pow wow has nothing to do with the cowlitz indian tribe or those who govern it.