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Today, Saturday, September 13, 2003 people gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center to express their dissatisfaction with the World Trade Organization and show support for those protesting the WTO MInisterial happening this week end in Cancun Mexico. This report consists of two 6 minute audio files from that rally.
After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.
Barbara Dudley
Next to speak was Tim Nesbitt, president of Oregon AFL-CIO, speaking about the politics of deception known as Free Trade. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, since 1993, Oregon alone has lost 50,000 jobs lost due to plant closures. Hewlett Packard has shipped its high tech printer jobs to Mexico; Freightliner outsources its trucking components to Mexico; cheaper Canadian lumber forced the closure of dozens of mills throughout our state.
He cites numerous other examples of things going sour for the American worker, yet our politicians refuse to learn from these mistakes. He states that this is going to be a mainstream poilical issue in the 2004 elections.
Tim Nesbitt

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anyone in attendance report on turnout! 13.Sep.2003 16:28

I couldn't make it

and I' m curious how it went.

audio, hurrah! 13.Sep.2003 19:17


Listening to these 2 speakers on this site was really a novel and learning experience. Even though I was at the park, I could not hear the speakers, and I was visiting, as I was hyped for the march! Thanks for these tapes. It is so amazing that this audio is free, as Indymedia is. This is valued so much. Here's to the PEOPLE! gk.

Great Turnout! 14.Sep.2003 18:03


In response to "anyone in attendance"..there were about 1000 people out there on the streets on Portland. Great turnout and lots of colorful signs and voices

Did anyone notice.... 15.Sep.2003 17:23

.....about 1000 people marching down broadway??

I was at the march and was at first dissapionted by the turnout as we left the park. Then something amazing happened between holladay park and the broadway bridge........i was near the front of the march and when i turned around after i crossed the bridge all i could see was people across the bridge. There was at least 1000 crossing the bridge. After that I felt verry happy about the numbers we had. Until later that night i was very disapointed by the lack of coveragesuch a large march recieved, both in the corporate media and on this site as well. I expected so many voices would get a little more attention.

YEAH 24.Sep.2003 15:34

Eugene-no wto

That's awesome! 1000 people! THANK YOU, Portlanders!