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rape in portland will NOT go away- as an issue or as a reality

i have posted several articles relating rape and rapists in portland. all of them have quickly degenerated into name calling. if we are going to recreate the world in a positive meaningful way, we need to start here, now, in our own lives
i write from anger and frustration. i don't want to put my time and energy into a community that will not, value the safety and peace of mind of people within that community. what good is a revolution if it doesn't include stopping the rape and abuse that exists in our homes, relationships, day to day lives, and minds?

so....to reiterate the last two posts:
1- what can we do now to deal with rapists in our communities?
2- how can we make our community safer for everyone?
3-what concrete steps can we take, looking forward, to unlearn what we have been taught our whole lives?
4- what does a sexually responsible community look like/
5- what changes in our current process need to made so that perpetrators will cooperate, and all parties can heal and go on with their lives?

PLEASE only post if you have relevent answers, suggestions, or other CONSTRUCTIVE questions
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